Why is fructose much more harmful than sugar?

A 2009 University of California study leads the pack of scientific studies proving that consuming high-fructose corn syrup is the fastest way in which a person can damage their health.

It is already known that sugar in food, in all its countless forms, has a devastating effect on the body.

And fructose in any form, such as high fructose corn syrup and crystalline fructose, is the most harmful form of sweetener that can enter the body.

Fructose is an inexpensive sweetener usually derived from corn and used in thousands of food products and soft drinks.

As per the 2009 study, excessive consumption of fructose can damage the metabolism and lead to early stages of diabetes and heart disease.

Another study by Dr. Richard Johnson also contributes significantly to clarifying this important topic. In his research, for 10 weeks, 16 volunteers were put on a special diet that included high levels of fructose.

After the period ended, it was found that all had formed new fat cells around the heart, liver and other digestive organs. Abnormalities in digestive function associated with diabetes and cardiovascular disease have also been observed.

No such deviations were observed in other volunteers on the same diet, but fructose sugar was replaced with glucose. Fructose is a major contributor to:

• Development of insulin resistance and obesity;
• Increased blood pressure;
• Increased levels of triglycerides and low-density cholesterol;
• Depletion of vitamins and minerals;
• Cardiovascular diseases, liver function abnormalities, cancer, arthritis and even gout;

Glucose is a form of energy that is used by every cell in the body, every bacterium and indeed every living thing on earth to produce energy.

If a person gets their fructose only from fruits and vegetables, where it actually comes from, they will consume only 15 grams per day, a far cry from the 73 grams the average adolescent gets from sugar-sweetened beverages.

In fruits and vegetables, fructose is combined with fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that mitigate the negative impact on metabolism.
Fructose itself is not harmful, but when exposed to large amounts of it, it becomes dangerous.

there are two reasons why this is so:
• The human body processes fructose in a very different way than glucose. Its entire metabolic process takes place in the liver.
• Most people consume fructose in very large quantities, which is the reason for the very serious consequences on human health.

Today, 55% of the sweeteners used in food and beverage production are made from corn, and the #1 source of calories is high fructose corn syrup.

And the very products that people rely on to lose weight – by following a low-fat diet – are the highest in fructose.

Things get worse if the fiber is removed from these processed foods and they actually have no nutritional value and thus pass through the gastrointestinal tract without providing nutrients from the body and are thus excreted.

But despite the research, it is not wise to point to high-fructose corn syrup as the sole culprit of our obesity, but rather we must look to ourselves for the cause.

It is necessary to consume foods whose caloric content does not exceed 2000 kilocalories per day, if no physical exertion is performed, because the human body burns so much to maintain its functions.

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