Why is vitamin D so important for the body?

A new study by Harvard researchers shows that vitamin D may protect some people from colon cancer by boosting the immune system against this type tumor cells.

Research published recently reveals for the first time the link between vitamin D and the ability of the immune system to protect against cancer.

The discovery is yet another piece of evidence in a growing body of research suggesting that no other substance is as essential to the human body as vitamin D.

Vitamin D, or better known as the “sunshine vitamin”, is of great importance to our body, due to its important action in a wide range of biological processes taking place in the human body.

The vitamin can only be obtained through direct exposure to sunlight and at the same time protects us from depression, insomnia, rickets< /strong>, cancer and many other fatal diseases.

“People with a high level of vitamin D in their bodies are much less susceptible to any type of cancer, especially that affecting the colon,” say scientists.


The key to the great success of vitamin D lies in the fact that it stimulates so-called T-cells, which recognize tumors and immediately begin to fight them.

The truth is that most people who don’t get regular checkups don’t realize they have some type of disease until it’s at an advanced stage.

This is because their T-cells are not stimulated often enough and as a result, it is much harder for the body to distinguish tumors and take action against them.


A study involving over 170,000 individuals over a period of about 25-30 years has recently produced its results.

In the study, blood samples were taken from all the participants before they got cancer, and after some of them got the fatal disease, their blood was tested again.

The results are that people who have higher levels of vitamin D in their blood are much less vulnerable to developing tumors throughout the body, especially in the colon area.

Vitamin D is the only vitamin that we cannot get through the food we eat or synthetic.

This very important vitamin is synthesized in our body when it is exposed to direct sunlight, and the benefits of the synthesis of this substance are, to put it mildly, enormous.

Vitamin D protects us from sudden changes in mood, depression, diseases involving the musculo-motor system.

A little known fact is that people who are not exposed to direct sunlight are much more prone to immune system failure, sudden mood swings, depression, and in some cases even suicide< /strong>.

In some of the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula, where 6 months are day and 6 months are night, the number of people who decide to take their own lives is the highest of any other place in the world.

The reason – when the sun does not rise for almost half a year, therefore the organisms of the people inhabiting this place cannot synthesize the vital vitamin D and become prone to all kinds of diseases, and the most common fatal the way out is suicide.

Now you already know how important this substance is for our body. You are aware of why some countries lead in suicides and why people who do not get exposure to the sun are much more nervous, stressed and aggressive, and also what diseases, including cancer, protect us from vitamin D.< /strong>

Don’t be surprised about that, and as soon as you see a nice, if slightly frosty, sunny afternoon, just go out and take a walk. Give your body what it needs, and it will thank you many times over!

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