Why isn’t Monday the “hardest” day of the week?

Research confirms that the heaviest day of the week is Tuesday. On Monday, contrary to popular belief, a person is most energetic and is able to do the maximum amount of work.

Scientists from Great Britain were able to prove that most people’s ability to work is at its highest on Monday morning.

The highest concentration and productivity is observed at 10 am on Monday. Thus, British scientists were able to disprove the popular myth that it is the first day of the week that is the heaviest.

On Monday afternoon, the ability to work begins to slowly decrease, reaching its lowest level on Tuesday.
It should be noted that it is most difficult for a person to concentrate precisely on the second working day around 4 p.m. workability and efficiency are at their lowest.

In this regard, scientists recommend that we start with the most important tasks on Monday, so that the whole week can be productive and pass easily.
People are used to thinking of Mondays as the hardest just because they difficult to take up work tasks after 2 days of rest.

But scientists believe that this perception is incorrect and are convinced that days off give a person the opportunity to restore his strength for the new work week.
For the purposes of the present study, scientists conducted a survey among 3,000 volunteers. 53% of the participants in the experiment answered that they postpone their tasks until the second day of the week, and on Monday they do not load themselves with much work.

Furthermore, volunteer office workers who had listed their to-do list for the first day of the week had a habit on Monday of being busy with anything but urgent business.

Thus, on Tuesday, the amount of work that awaited the respective research participant had become so great that stress and fatigue at the end of the day was an inevitable phenomenon.

The most stressful time of the week is 11.45 on a Tuesday, when a person is fully in the mood for work.
Statistics confirm that it is on Tuesday that people most often skip their lunch.

However, such eating behavior cannot be defined as healthy. And that’s why scientists advise to review our daily routine if we don’t find time to eat.

Psychologists have developed an optimal scenario for an easier and more positive start to the new week – it is necessary to prepare a light breakfast, including fruits and vegetables, followed by a morning walk, and then with a better mood to proceed to the implementation of official duties.

Scientists recently proved that Wednesday is the best day for online shopping and Thursday is the best day for a date.

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