Why should we consume fat?

People who have not developed nutritional habits often miss some very important beneficial substances in their diet.

Some do not consume dairy products, meat and fish at all and therefore their body does not get the protein it needs.

Others have given up carbohydrates, they don’t consume snacks, sweets, pasta, bread, etc., thus depleting their body because without energy > there’s just no way.

There is a third trend, which unfortunately is becoming more and more common lately due to the obsession with a certain fashion trend and the lack of information.

We are talking about people who do not consume any fats, be they healthy or harmful. This trend is most often observed in adolescents between 16 and 20 years old.

Ever since fitness and bodybuilding became a must-have for everyone, since having 45cm arms was required to be accepted, and since if you didn’t have perfectly sculpted abs you were an outsider, since then the craze for unhealthy relief.

What is unhealthy relief? A condition in which the percentage of body fat in our body is too low, lower than the needs of our body (they are determined by weight, height and side factors such as diseases, lifestyle, etc. .n.).

Then our body goes into starvation mode, which shocks it, and the most common result of these unhealthy diets is impaired health, and those on a fat-free diet rarely achieve the results they dream of, simply because their bodies are put into shock.

And despite the food we give our body, some hormones have an altered effect and other life processes develop in a different way and the body stores abundantly with fat because the brain tells it , that a great famine is approaching.

If fats, proteins and carbohydrates exist in nature, then our body needs fats, proteins and carbohydrates! Ask any more advanced athlete, they will confirm!

And here are some of the main reasons why it is strictly necessary to eat fat unless you want to be vulnerable to a very wide range of diseases, infections etc.

  1. Energy

Fats, during their breakdown, provide energy that we need for absolutely every action in our life. Proteins and carbohydrates each contain 4 calories per gram, or in other words, 1 gram of protein and 1 gram of carbohydrate make 8 calories, and 1 gram of fat contains 9 calories.

That is, proteins and carbohydrates are foods that we will need in a deeper aspect when using the potential of our body (panic situation, taking a heavy norm, etc.), but they are not suitable for feeding the body with energy!

  1. Organs need a cushion

Manzines are located around every organ in our body, surrounding it. Even the heart, which is a muscle that doesn’t stop working all its life, is completely surrounded by fat.

The reason for this is that fat protects our organs from injury and helps them stay in the right place in the human body.

  1. Cell Structure

Fats are part of every cell surrounding your body. Whether it’s your hair, eyes or skin, fat is part of the membrane that protects the organs listed and, without fat, this membrane cannot function properly.

  1. Immune Function

Without good fats in your diet, your immunity will undoubtedly decline and the body becomes susceptible to foreign agents such as bacterial viruses and infections.

  1. Nutrient Transport

Vitamin A, E, K and D are fat soluble vitamins. Therefore, how much of them to take if you want even per kilogram per meal, if the foods you consume are not high in fat (olive, oil, omega-3, omega-6, nuts, fatty fish, etc.) these vitamins will not be absorbed.

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