Why the fear of bacteria is completely unfounded

Most of you probably know that the entire human body is made up of more bacteria than cells. And it cannot be otherwise, since microorganisms surround us everywhere.

Scientists have not even discovered all species, but they do not in any way threaten our existence. Is it possible that some bacteria are inextricably linked to the human body and even extremely useful for it?< /p>

It turns out, based on a number of experiments, that it is absolutely correct to think so.

For example, one of the scientists involved in conducting these studies found that there is a bacterium that can completely protect us from the smell of sweat. A person can not bathe and wash for years and the smell does not appear, and his skin remains soft. And all this thanks to the bacterial culture with the name “AO+”.

Why should we still not be afraid of bacteria?

We can control the situation!

Doctors constantly remind us how important it is to maintain the balance of intestinal microflora. Because of the loss of this balance, serious diseases develop, immunity weakens.

But most people forget that the bacteria will not start to overgrow if we do not “turn on” the trigger ourselves, or put simply, if we do not contribute to it ourselves.

Escherichia coli inhabits our digestive system without causing us any problems until we consume spoiled meat. We just need what behavior to adhere to and follow certain rules.

Bacteria are actually not terrible for humans!

Usually the pictures taken under a microscope shock most of us, they look disgusting. But we ourselves, if we look at ourselves, are no better either.

They produce faecal masses, nasal secretions, phlegm and other fluids that are not at all pleasant. Acne and various rashes, earwax, sweat, excessive body hair – all this is not beautiful either.

And we also constantly cut our nails, which, by the way, are dead flesh.

Diseases due to limited contact with bacteria

Before, allergic reactions among children were not so common. Today, such problems are observed extremely often and children develop allergies to almost everything – some food products, plants, household chemicals, etc.

Some scientists believe that the reason for this is the unnatural birth. In a caesarean section, a sterile environment is ensured during the operation, the baby does not pass through the vaginal opening, which means that it does not come into contact with bacteria , which support the activation of his immune system.

Bifidobacteria, which the baby acquires from mother’s milk, are also considered very useful. They protect his organism from infections and inflammations.

The best way for a mother to provide her child with natural probiotics, is to regularly consume lactic acid foods with bifidobacteria.

And as a conclusion, we should try to understand that nature is not against bacteria, on the contrary, it created these microorganisms to perform a certain function.

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