Why use a night face cream?

All women and more and more men take care of their face. This is due to people’s desire to keep their youthful appearance. It is much more pleasant to see a well-groomed, fresh and soft skin that does not correspond to a person’s age.

There are different methods with which we can achieve the desired effect. The products are so diverse that we can get lost in our choice. The brands that have entered the market offer different quality at different prices.

Don’t be fooled that expensive cosmetics necessarily have guaranteed results. A person’s skin is strictly individual and should be approached carefully and with care.

Sometimes a face cream at a lower price will work many times better than another from a proven cosmetic brand with a high price.

Skin is the largest organ in our body and is exposed to the influence of our environment. UV rays, cold and pollution invariably damage it, with the most visible mark remaining on the face.

If we add age to these factors, a sad fact emerges, namely – we will not be young forever. In other words, we age irrevocably.

Until now, no one has invented a youth serum, and everyone asks questions: How should I take care of my skin? What cream should I use to keep my face fresh? How to remove accumulated fatigue and dark circles under the eyes?

With the appearance of the first wrinkles, you should not be depressed. No one has defeated time, but now we are placed in more favorable conditions for achievements in the field of medicine, the cosmetic industry and nanotechnology.

Facial care goes through several stages. Cleansing with tonic, use of a mask, periodic exfoliation, application of day and night cream. Here we will pay special attention to one particular product to clarify its benefits.

Night cream

Why use it when we put on another one during the day?

The reason is very simple. At night the cells are more active and it is good to stimulate their division and recovery.

By removing make-up residues and dust from the pores, we have prepared our face for follow-up care. We have disinfected it and it will absorb the substances of the cream much better.

Night creams are heavier. Unlike day creams, whose main function is to protect, night creams are designed to feed the skin from the outside with all the necessary nutrients, according to its needs.

To fight fine lines and wrinkles, they deeply hydrate and restore water balance. They correct the lack of collagen and return the elasticity and fresh appearance of the face.

Faberlic night creams, take care of your good appearance while you rest from the stressful everyday life. Never compromise in maintaining your facial skin. It is your business card.

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