Why what we eat matters for teeth

Although most candy seems harmless, too much sugar can harm your teeth.

Also, they can cause another problem – besides being sweet, candy can break or damage one of your teeth.

Looking for a better alternative? Here are some helpful tips.

1. Ice is for cooling, not chewing

You’d be surprised how many people think that ice doesn’t hurt their teeth. It is made of water, and it does not contain sugar or other additives. But chewing on hard things can permanently damage your teeth or wear away your enamel.

2. Watch your citrus intake

The truth is that citrus fruits are quite acidic, and excessive intake of acidic substances causes enamel to erode. Many problems related to your teeth start from there.

Although a squeeze of lemon in a glass of water can indeed be a nice and refreshing drink, don’t overdo it. Also, be careful with fruit juices, because they are one of the biggest causes of canker sores in the mouth.

3. Not all coffee is good

In their natural form, coffee and tea are healthy beverage choices. But unfortunately, the more time passes, the more each technology evolves, and it’s hard to find something in its pure form. )

Mass coffee is now available in all forms, with flour, with sugar, etc. or simply that coffee packages also contain huge amounts of the white sweetener.

Make sure you take enough pure product and drink more water to prevent tooth enamel corrosion and permanent tooth staining.

4. Sticky foods are your mouth’s worst nightmare

When it comes to a healthy breakfast, many people put dried fruit in one of the first places. But how many of you know that dried fruits are one of the most persistent foods that stay in the mouth for hours and predispose to all kinds of problems?

If you still like to eat muesli and dried fruit often, drink a glass or two of water after consumption and brush your teeth well.

5. Beware of crunchy foods

Who doesn’t love the nice crunchy sound you hear while eating chips? Unfortunately, foods like crisps are full of starch, which automatically sets traps in your mouth because it is very harmful to the teeth if it stays in the oral cavity for longer.

If you consume foods like chips more often, it is best to floss after you finish eating.

6. Replace soda with water

When you eat sweet foods or drink sugary sodas, the sugar in them feeds the plaque and bacteria in your mouth. So they are stimulated to produce various acids that decompose your teeth.

Avoid the various energy drinks, coke, soft drinks, fizzy drinks and even soda because they are full of sugar, which as mentioned is your teeth’s worst enemy.

p>7. Watch out for sports shakes and energy drinks

Undoubtedly, they are very pleasant to the taste, filling and look cool, right? But the main ingredient of these drinks is sugar.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, while sports shakes and energy drinks can be helpful for young athletes actively using their physical strength, they are otherwise unnecessary.

For this, check the label and pay attention to the sugar content or better drink water!

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