10 ways to control panic attacks

For everyone who has never had a panic attack, we can only say, hope it never happens to them. The constant fear of subsequent panic attacks, of suffocation to death, the pain in the chest, the feeling of depersonalization and the daily fear – all this slowly destroys the life of the affected person.

He loses his ability to work, talk to people and function as a person fully. If this is a part of your life, below we have listed 10 ways to improve your condition.

1. Herbs

Many studies have conclusively proven that chamomile, St. John’s wort and valerian have a very beneficial effect on the nervous system, significantly reducing anxiety symptoms.

These herbs are very highly effective in milder cases of panic attacks, but in more acute conditions the effect would be weak. Chamomile tea is very good as it has a calming effect and one quickly drifts off after drinking a cup of it.

If you are taking other medications, it is better to first ask your personal doctor if there is no problem with taking herbal decoctions, because some of them could increase or decrease the effect of certain types of medication.

2. Nutritional Supplements

Scientists have found that his body needs magnesium to be able to recover successfully after a prolonged period of intense fear and anxiety.

Magnesium helps the brain reprogram and build new connections other than those that automatically respond by creating a panic attack.

And one idea – if you have panic attacks, you could check with a blood test what the level of magnesium in your blood is. There is a possibility that you have a deficiency of the substance.

Another substance that reduces anxiety by about 20% is omega 3 fatty acids. You will find it in oily fish or in the form of a supplement at the pharmacy.

3. Proper Diet

Panic and anxiety have always been considered problems that originate in the brain. New studies show, however, that these problems may occur in no other place than in the gut.

This is why many people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and anxiety at the same time. A healthy diet will help you make great progress in this direction.

We all know what a healthy diet is, so no excuses – limit sugar, fat, meat and dairy products (without excluding them from your menu). Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially bananas, because they are very good for the nerves.

4. Eliminate irritant foods

Many people report that a certain food makes them feel bad, and most often it is excessive coffee consumption. Keep a food diary and you will notice which food makes you feel how.

Over time, you will notice a pattern between what you ate and how you felt. Sometimes serious problems have very simple solutions.

5. Relaxation

Massage, yoga, reiki, meditation – all of them are not only very pleasant to perform, but also very useful. If you have the opportunity to get a nice massage once a week, you will see how relaxing it is.

Each of these practices increases the likelihood that you will feel good because they stimulate the release of serotonin and other “happy hormones”.

6. Exercise, exercise and more exercise

Daily practice of a sport has a very strong effect on the nervous system. This will remind your body that you are alive and make it feel good.

7. The job

In the US, millions of people suffer from an anxiety disorder that is linked to not liking their job. If you have panic attacks, think about whether you are working too much or whether you hate your job. Similar statistics are not kept in Bulgaria, but jobs are much less secure in our country than in the USA.

Indeed, times are tough and one is afraid of losing one’s job, but just imagine what it would be like to wreck your health and nerves because you hate what you do.< /p>

What price is this? Yes, indeed, leaving a job is closing a door for you, but finding another job is a chance to improve your life.

8. Don’t Overuse Facebook

If you use it to find your friends and make contacts, that’s great, but if it becomes your main form of social life, it can lead to depression, loneliness, and more similar emotions, because after all, this is not a real contact between people, but a virtual one.

9. Breathing

It is recommended that you learn more about breathing exercises and exactly how they positively affect your health and emotional state. This can be an outstanding way to reduce stress.< /p>

10. Cognitive Techniques

Here we are not talking about techniques related to seeing a therapist, but simply techniques that you can practice at home. In some cases, they can help you get rid of panic attacks completely.

The first thing you need to understand is that emotions are like waves. They come and go, but they cannot leave a lasting mark on you.

Any emotion, even the most beautiful or the most terrifying, is only temporary, and that’s what you forget when you have a panic attack.

Knowing and remembering this, you will see that panic attacks will never again have the same intensity and strength. Just wait a few minutes and they will go away.

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