20 ways to deal with stress and anxiety

If anxiety and stress have permanently taken root in your life, these 20 tips will help you cope and free yourself from tension and permanent anxiety. Don’t underestimate any of these 20 steps, because each of them will help you at least a little to get rid of some of the stress.

1. Take a little break. Practice yoga, listen to music, meditate, enjoy a nice massage, learn a new stress-relief technique. Stepping away from the busyness of everyday life, even just for a little while, will help clear your mind.

2. Eat a variety of foods. Don’t skip meals. Try to always have something healthy, but also full of energy at hand (nuts, dates, etc.).

3. Limit alcohol and caffeine. Both ingredients have a very strong stimulating effect on the nervous system and can provoke panic attacks.

4. Exercise daily. This will help you maintain good physical and emotional fitness.

5. Take deep breaths. Breathing in and out when you are tense and nervous can go a long way in managing stress and tension. Very often, some of the unpleasant symptoms of stress are the result of shallow and rapid breathing.

6. When you are nervous count slowly to 10. Then take a short break and repeat. If there is no effect and you consider it necessary, you can count slowly to 20. It helps.

7. Accept that you can’t control everything. The part of the universe we have the most control over is ourselves, and you can see for yourself how often we can’t even control ourselves. So just go with the flow.

8. Do your best. What we mean here is that you don’t have to be perfect – nothing is perfect. Just put effort into what you are doing and then don’t worry about the results.

9. Put stress in perspective. Is what worries you so scary? Look from the eyes of a bystander. It also helps to think about the distant future – imagine looking into the past a year or two from now. What would you think about your worries today?

10. Have a laugh. Humor is a cure for all stress. A little laughter can do real wonders.

11. Maintain a good mood. Try to replace negative moods and thoughts with positive ones. Instead of watching stressful news, play some hidden camera.

12. Take up some voluntary activity. Plant trees, help the poor or anything else that gives you satisfaction. You’ll love the feeling.

13. Find out what’s causing your anxiety. Is the problem not in your work? Or a family? Or school? Or anything else you can think of? Write in a journal when you feel stressed and share your emotions there. Then read and find a connection between these periods.

14. Talk to someone. You might share with your family that you’re feeling stressed. And you can also talk to a professional therapist. Sometimes talking to friends can also help you a lot.

15. Do sports. The golden formula is 5×30 (five times a week for thirty minutes). It doesn’t matter if you are walking, running, dancing, swimming or anything else. Movement is life and it will make you a new person.

16. Be regular in movement. It is better to walk for 15-20 minutes a day than to sit all week and at the weekend do a huge three-hour fitness marathon.

17. Choose an activity according to your nature. If you are an extrovert, perhaps sports groups will work very well for you, and if you are one of the more introverted people, you will most likely enjoy working out alone at home.

18. Disconnect from the world while exercising. It would be very nice to listen to music, an interesting audio book or something similar while doing exercises. This will engage as many senses as possible.

19. Find a sports partner. Many people find it more enjoyable to do sports with a partner. If this is the case for you, then ask a friend or colleague if they would like to play sports with you.

20. Be patient. It takes about 8 weeks to get in good shape and take training with ease.

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