14 tricks for a restful sleep

Sleep is not one of the things you have control over in your life. As much as you want it. When you accept that sleep is out of your control, you’ll waste less time worrying about it. Just follow a few simple rules that will help you sleep better.

1. Set a bedtime

You can set an alarm to get up on time every morning, but punctuality in going to bed is also very important. Although you don’t have to set an alarm every night, pick a time to go to bed and stick to it, including weekends. Your body needs routine.

2. Take a bath or warm shower

Sun comes when body temperature drops. If you take a hot shower or warm bath before bed and then go to bed, your body temperature will drop, helping you fall asleep faster.

3. Darken the room

Even the smallest amount of light can disturb your nap. This means that you should, in addition to the lamp, turn off the TV, the computer, even the light in the corridor.

4. Silence the noise

Putting your iPod on shuffle isn’t the best idea for muting your partner’s snoring. Instead, buy a sound machine – it could be sea waves, a river, a frog croaking, a bird song. This way you will stop the unpleasant noise from the world around you.

5. Sleep in the cold

Cold is a healthy sleep’s best friend. Turn down the air conditioning or heating, wrap yourself in more blankets, and not only will you save on the heating bill, but your body will also relax and you’ll sleep soundly.

6. Eat light food for dinner

Eating or drinking heavily before bed will strain your stomach and cause you to get up to use the bathroom frequently. Eating dinner about two hours before bed can help you sleep more deeply.

7. Do not smoke or drink alcohol

It won’t hurt to have an occasional drink in the evening, but don’t let a glass of wine with a cigarette become a bedtime habit. Alcohol and nicotine are stimulants that can not only keep you wide-eyed, but also disrupt a restful night’s sleep.

8. The good pillow

The pillow is like a sports bra – it is the most important “equipment” for your deep sleep. Make sure your pillows are supportive, comfortable and suitable for your sleeping position. Pillows for stomach sleepers and those who prefer to sleep in the fetal position are not the same.

9. Get pets out of the bedroom

Nocturnal pets like to snuggle and pet you, but while that’s adorable, it’s not your best sleep buddy. Also, at night they can wake up and wake you up too.

10. Kill the pain

Even minor pain can keep you up all night. Do what is necessary to relieve your condition, whether you use Ibuprofen or visit the doctor’s office.

11. Avoid caffeine

You might not be able to start the day without your morning latte, but stick to the rule that your lips don’t touch caffeine after the sun goes down.

12. Just breathe

Stop thinking about your to-do list, stop worrying and focus on your breathing. Deep or shallow, the sound of your inhalations and exhalations can be a lullaby and lull you into a nap.

13. Keep calm

If you can’t fall asleep, don’t panic – so sleep will completely escape you. Relax – so what if you have a sleepless night? It’s not the end of the world. By thinking, “Great, I can’t sleep. I’ll be completely useless tomorrow,” you’re making a sure prophecy. Relax and the problem will go away by itself.

14. Sleep is not compensable

There is no such thing as making up for missed sleep time. Just stick to your usual routine. Don’t think that going to bed early or sleeping late will make up for a sleepless night. In this way, you are confusing your body because you are sending it mixed messages. Keep to your usual sleep schedule and don’t make a drama out of it if you go to bed late one night or have a sleepless night.

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