What are the symptoms of oral gonorrhea

Most young people consider oral sex to be completely safe as it cannot lead to pregnancy. However, they miss the fact that during oral sex many infections are transmitted such as the AIDS virus, chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. This means that oral sex, in which there is contact with the partner’s genitals or anus, is not safe at all.

One of the unpleasant diseases transmitted during this type of intimate communication is gonorrhea. Few people know that it also has an oral form, but they are not aware of its symptoms. They are the same in both men and women, unlike the genital form of the disease. Symptoms appear after you have had oral sex with a partner infected with gonorrhea.

The bacterium gets into the oral cavity, and from there into the throat, most often after oral sex, especially when there has been ejaculation and ingestion of sperm. The oral form of gonococcal infection can also be the result of an infection transmitted by neighbors from gonococcal rhinitis. The nose is infected by hands that have touched the inflamed penis or the fluid flowing from it.

In practice, however, more often women transmit the infection through oral sex. In men with an acute infection, this happens less often, he and they quickly find out that they are infected with the disease because of the abundant pus discharge from the penis and seek medical help. Another reason is that they avoid sexual contact, because for them gonorrhea is painful, accompanied by painful and more frequent urination, with swollen or painful testicles.

Most often, the disease is transmitted by patients with chronic form of gonorrhea who do not know that they are sick. In most cases, this applies to women who only find out they have gonorrhea when they infect their partner.

With them, the symptoms are such that they are often confused with other diseases – one of them is the yellowish-white discharge from the vagina, which is usually mistaken for fungus, as well as the pain when urinating, which women think of cystitis pain.

Symptoms such as pain in the lower abdomen or vaginal discharge mixed with blood in the middle of the monthly cycle are less common. The infection is transmitted more easily after the end of the menstrual cycle, or after consumption of alcohol.

For most people, symptoms go unnoticed, and many show no signs of the disease. One of the symptoms that should make you think you have oral gonorrhea is an acute infection in the throat. The disease can occur as pharyngitis, inflammation of the tonsils – tonsillitis, or as severe pain in the throat. It is a sore throat that is the most common symptom of gonorrhea in the mouth, although the disease proceeds like a common cold or flu.

If oral gonorrhea is not treated in time, the infection spreads easily through the bloodstream to other organs. Other symptoms that are typical for detecting an oral gonorrhea infection are high fever, swollen lymph nodes in the neck area, painful swallowing while eating, vomiting and white patches. Symptoms appear less than 10 days after contact with an infected partner.

Oral gonorrhea is something that really happens and you should think it can’t happen to you. If you have any of the symptoms described above and you are not sure that your last sexual partner was healthy, by all means consult your doctor to get better treatment and avoid further complications.

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