4 ways to cleanse the body of pesticides and GMOs

Detoxification is usually a real challenge for the human body and causes many disturbing side effects.

They are caused by the release of dangerous substances such as toxic chemicals from pesticide residues, by-products of GMO foods, accumulated over time components of medicines, free radicals, heavy metals, aluminum and radioactive particles .

There are many detoxification agents and methods of cleansing the body, some of which are expensive and others cause very unpleasant and even painful sensations with potentially dangerous side effects.

That is why it is recommended to choose natural cleansing methods that are gentle on the body, but it is necessary to apply them for a longer period of time.


Fruit pectin is perhaps the gentlest means of detoxifying the body. It is contained in the fibrous part of limes, lemons and other citrus fruits, as well as in apples.

Other sources of pectin are bananas, grapes, carrots and cabbage. The polysaccharide helps remove heavy metals, chemicals and other substances from the blood as it binds to them and flushes them out of the body.

Increasing the consumption of fruits with a high pectin content cleanses the body.

Pectin powder can also be used, which can be added to a glass of water, grape juice or fresh vegetable juice, thereby accelerating the detoxification process.

Never use pectin that is sold in grocery stores, as most brands contain monosodium glutamate.

It is best to look for the polysaccharide in health food stores, while also checking the product label.


The delicious culinary spice coriander is one of the most effective and gentle detoxifiers of mercury, heavy metals and other toxic pollutants.

You can purchase the spice in juice form or simply include fresh cilantro in your diet, controlling the amount you take in and limiting the side effects that occur when the process of cleansing.

Coriander is cheap, extremely effective, and you don’t need to take additional medication to achieve complete detoxification.

The culinary spice also has antibacterial and antifungal properties, quickly limiting infectious and inflammatory processes in the body.


Chlorella is the only single-celled alga that grows in fresh water. The natural reserves of seaweed in Japan are of the highest quality.

However, be careful when buying Japanese chlorella because of its possible exposure to radioactive contamination from Fukushima.

Unicellular algae is an easy-to-digest superfood, primarily because it has the ability to remove mercury and other heavy metals from cells.

Using too much chlorella can cause side effects, mainly in the digestive tract, where it very quickly binds to mercury and removes it from the body.

Start with a smaller amount of the single cell algae for a gentler detox.

Young wheat stalks or wheat grass

Drinking juice squeezed from the stalks of young wheat and barley is an excellent way to flush toxins from the body.

Young wheat stalks are highly nutritious and provide vitamins, minerals and all 9 essential amino acids.

Wheatgrass is a powerful detoxifier, so start by drinking small amounts of wheatgrass juice to avoid side effects. The starting dose is about 15 ml. juice of wheatgrass daily.

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