How to destroy parasites in the body?

The level of worming in the population has reached far above epidemic levels, with according to various sources over 90% of the world’s population suffering from some kind of parasitic infection.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to cleanse the body of parasites at least once every 6 months.

Also a person needs to choose carefully the places where he eats, as well as he must wash his hands after handling animals or their excrement.

Unfortunately, most doctors are not trained in how to deal with parasites. Treatment in most cases is prescribed when helminths are already visually visible.

Although they exhibit the characteristic symptoms of a parasite infection, many people believe that they are completely normal and do not require the taking of measures.

Helmintoses have become commonplace for modern man.

But parasites can cause damage almost anywhere in the body because most of them are small enough to enter any tissue through the bloodstream. Their existence deprives the body of valuable nutrients.

Parasites are the main cause of Lupus disease, and all its symptoms are secondary to the parasitic infection.

This is why lupus cannot be cured without first destroying the helminths. Of course, conventional medicine defines the disease as incurable and autoimmune.

What are the most characteristic symptoms of a parasitic infection?

• Chronic unexplained nausea, often accompanied by vomiting;
• Constant feeling of fatigue and weakness;
• Intestinal spasms;
• Unexplained dizziness;
Unusual foul smell of the gas produced;
• Loss or lack of appetite;
• Indigestion;
• Constant swelling;
Multiple food allergies;
• Itching around the anus, especially around 2 a.m.;
• Trouble sleeping;
• Difficulty maintaining a normal body weight;
• Itching on the feet and legs often accompanied by the formation of a rash;
• In case of a larger invasion of the parasites – coughing up blood ;
• Palpitations in the presence of hookworms in the body;
• Anemia, as some parasites feed on blood, compromising the walls of the digestive tract;
• Swelling of the face around the eyes /presence of roundworms/;
• Wheezing and coughing followed by vomiting, stomach and abdominal pain, suggesting nematodes or worms;

What are the most commonly applied natural ways to destroy parasites in the body?

• Black walnut;
• Wormwood;
• Clove;
• Oil of pumpkin seed or only pumpkin seed;
• Garlic;
• Neem – do not take if pregnant or planning to conceive as it acts as a contraceptive;
• Marshmallow roots;
Infusion earth or diatomaceous earth – best natural antiparasitic medicine.

In fact, it is a natural pesticide that is harmless to humans and pets. It is believed to kill insects, worms and parasites by dehydrating their bodies.

When used to kill ants, it takes 20 minutes to kill them all.

Acceptance of 1 tablespoon of infusoria daily by an adult for 7 days is an exceptional way to kill all parasites.

If you choose this method of treatment it is recommended that you use diatomaceous earth suitable for human consumption, as industrial diatomaceous earth is used for pool filters and is not safe to eat.

When consuming an infusion finger, one should significantly increase the intake of fluids, as it is possible to develop dehydration.

Research shows that diatomite is the best overall solution for human parasites because it kills absolutely all parasites, even those in the bloodstream.

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