5 foods that cause cancer

Cancer can be caused by a number of internal and external factors. And while some people develop this disease despite the measures they take to protect themselves from it, in other people the measures, for example a suitable diet, have a very big effect.

Especially important is the way of eating in people who have a hereditary predisposition with cases of cancer in the family, with the greatest importance of diet in people whose families have cases of digestive cancer system.

In general, it can be summarized that the foods that cause cancer are rich in refined sugar, fast carbohydrates, preservatives or are too fried.

In fact, such foods do not only cause cancer. They areextremely harmful to the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and the reproductive system. Besides cancer, these foods can cause diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

1. Sugar

The high sugar content of some foods can significantly increase the risk of cancer. This includes carbonated drinks, various types of soft drinks and juices.

For example, people who drink 2 or more soft drinks per week have an 87% higher risk of cancer than people who skip soft drinks.

Other studies have shown a link between sugar consumption and stomach and colon cancer. And while sugar does not turn healthy cells into cancer, the cancer cells themselves prefer to feed on sugar and need sugar in order for the malignant entity to grow.

Over time, sugar consumption can affect metabolic processes in cells, leading to the release of oxidants.

2. French fries

Fried foods increase the risk of cancer, especially if they contain hydrogenated fats, trans fats and acrylamide. Acrylamide is well known as a tumor-causing agent as well as a potential neurotoxin.

It has an adverse effect not only on the brain, but also on the reproductive system as a whole. High-carbohydrate foods like potatoes form a lot of acrylamide in the frying process.

This in turn places many products such as French fries and chips in the category of foods that lead to an increased risk of cancer.

3. Donuts

Donuts are the culmination of three very harmful cancer-causing foods. They are fried, contain high levels of sugar and are based on highly refined carbohydrates.

The combination of byproducts of the frying process, along with large amounts of sugar and processed flour, makes donuts particularly risky for those hoping to reduce their cancer risk.

4. Hot dogs

Canned, dried or pickled meats are a known risk factor for stomach cancer and other digestive malignancies system.

When the preservatives, colorings, and other chemicals contained in sausages are added, it is not surprising that the hot dog and other similar sandwiches and hamburgers are at the top of the list for risk.

In addition to sausages, all other sausages are included here, for example salami, salted bacon and others.

5. Roasted meat

When foods of plant or animal origin are burned, a number of toxic mutagenic substances are formed. By absorbing these substances from food, an effect is achieved that is a bit reminiscent of smoking cigarettes.

According to a number of studies, cancer of the colon, stomach and other malignant diseases of the digestive system are associated with a high intake of charred or burnt meats.

And while roast meat is the focus of the observations, scientists still do not rule out that other burnt foods, such as toast, may have the same effect.

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