5 harms of drinking coke

People who sensibly compose their diet and carefully monitor what they eat and drink already know that coke should be avoided.

This is what any doctor will advise you to do.

And this is not about the well-known story that if you put a rusty nail in a glass of Coke, within a day the liquid will eat away the rust.

Whether this is so or not, we cannot say, if you wish, do an experiment at home.

But the thing is, the chemicals and sugar in carbonated drinks are basically bad for your health.

On top of that, these substances lead to addiction and it becomes very difficult to get rid of this bad habit of drinking carbonated drinks and especially coke.

That’s why, to stay healthy and in good shape, limit your Coke drinking to a minimum.

We will point out five facts in proof of this statement. Here is exactly how Coca-Cola harms our health.

1. Damages the teeth

Our teeth develop cavities when we consume too many sweet and sour foods and drinks. Coca-Cola is no exception.

It also contains substances that destroy tooth enamel. From there, the distance to caries is very short, and if it is not treated, we develop pulpitis. Dental treatment, on the other hand, is an unpleasant and expensive experience.

Of course, you can try and brush your teeth after drinking sodas, but the smarter choice is to avoid them and drink water instead.

2. Risk of diabetes

Carbohydrates is another name for sugars. Most foods contain a lot of carbohydrates. Drinking coke is the icing on the cake that makes it even worse.

Studies show that it only takes 20 minutes for blood sugar levels to rise after consuming carbonated sugary drinks.

This directly affects the pancreas and the release of insulin. In this way, risks of developing diabetes are created. And since diabetes is a very difficult disease to treat, we suggest that you completely stop drinking carbonated beverages, including Coca-Cola.

3. It slows down the metabolism

Don’t trust commercials where you’ve seen famous athletes binge drinking Coke after a workout. This is a scam, as certainly the consumption of the sugary drink leads to gaining weight.

This is because sweetened sodas slow down your metabolism and your body doesn’t burn fat as efficiently as possible. Drink clean water!

4. Aspartame damages internal organs

One of the most famous artificial sweeteners, aspartame, is still being studied. But even now it is clear that it damages many organs and leads to a number of diseases.

And according to some studies, it is even carcinogenic.

So it doesn’t matter which type of Coke you choose – with sugar, or so-called Diet Coke, which contains sweeteners – you’re ruining your body either way.

5. Coca-Cola affects fertility

Regular consumption of Coke can have a negative effect on your reproductive system.

Chemicals that many fizzy drinks contain damage many of your organs responsible for reproductive functions and conception, causing them to malfunction.

Even the most ardent Coke fans should never forget this.

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