5 reasons why your great-grandmother was healthier than you

For sure, you know more than one person with allergies to a variety of things – flowers, dust, nuts, eggs, dogs and cats. Or someone with eczema. Or maybe something like that. Also, most likely your great-grandmothers never had such problems.

To a large extent this is rooted in the way of life and food, which were very different from today. Actually, your great-grandmother wasn’t a comic book superhero, she just lived a different life.

Here are 10 ideas why your ancestors were in better health than you and how to change that:

1. Your great-grandmother never dieted

Can you imagine your great-grandmother sitting down and counting how many calories she ate today? No, for God’s sake! I bet she’d have a good laugh at that idea.

Unfortunately, most of us have grown up thinking that you have to count calories and starve yourself to achieve your goals. But let’s think logically – not all calories are the same. 100 calories from chocolate is different compared to 100 calories from avocado. It is not the calories that are looked at, but the quality of the food.

2. Yala is real food

Genetically modified foods, colors, preservatives, additives, flavors, enhancers. All these things would have seemed completely foreign and unfamiliar to your great-grandmother.

It’s like sitting down and talking about Twitter. Or for Facebook. She didn’t need a special radar to detect them, simply because to her these things didn’t exist. She ate what nature provided – natural fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, milk. All completely natural.

3. She was much more active

Unlike you, your great-grandmother did not spend all day on the computer in the office and then the rest of the day at home in front of the TV. He had to move more and stand less on his hindquarters. Try to move more. Yes, in the conditions of modern life this is difficult, but try to get up from the computer every 30 minutes and move.

4. She found time to cook

We live in a time where, for some reason, everyone brags about how busy they are. “Oooh, I’m too busy to cook!”. Or “I’m so busy that I quickly prepare some semi-finished spaghetti…”. This is all nonsense. One can always find time to prepare something simple that does not take hours. In fact, there are very few things more important than eating real food. So just spend some time on it.

5. Smart marketing did not influence food choices

Words like “low-fat”, “low-calorie”, “sugar-free” were never in her vocabulary. These are trendy concepts that trick you into thinking you’re doing something healthy.

But don’t be fooled. When you see that something is fat-free, it simply means that the fat has been replaced with sugar. And when you see that a certain food is low in calories, don’t think that it is necessarily healthy. Foods that are sugar-free are usually full of sweeteners, which is extremely harmful to health. It won’t be any better for you than dog food.

There is much to learn from our ancestors. Nothing prevents us from keeping our modern lifestyle and combining it with things that are better for our health and that we have seen from our great grandmothers. No one is making you think like your ancestors or wear your grandmother’s huge and cluttered clothes – just see how she ate and how she prepared her food.

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