5 ways to deal with anger

What happens in your brain when you are angry?

When we are stressed, sad or just angry about something, different processes take place in our brain.

The rational part of our brain at such a moment simply turns off, yes it turns off.

Then we begin not to think clearly, and this is where the term “emotional” comes from.

In addition, various types of cardiovascular reactions take place.

Our bodies pump large amounts of cholesterol, chemicals called catecholamines that promote fat deposits.

And fatty deposits, in turn, accumulate around the heart and carotid arteries.

Angry people are 3 times more susceptible to acute cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack, for example.

In addition, when our nervous system is excited as a result of a strong emotion, the bad things in our body do not stop.

The nervous system tries to lower blood pressure by pushing blood to the stomach.

He, in turn, sends it to the muscles so that they can deal with it.

As a result, secretions are released in our stomach, which further complicate digestion and lead to various gastrointestinal diseases.

Anger causes a surge of the stress hormone, cortisol, which collides with our body and leads to all sorts of problems.

The most common of these are dermatological, such as the appearance of skin imperfections and acne.

During a high state of excited nervous system, resulting from anger, rage, extreme irritability, etc. other problems are also unlocked.

One of them is the fall of immunity. And when this happens, we become more susceptible to absolutely any disease, and even a simple flu can put us in bed for weeks!

However, there is good news. Medicine is extremely advanced and can always help us.

But before we resort to it, it is best to try to solve the problem ourselves!

1. Retrain your brain

Cognitive restructuring, or better known as “thought stopping,” involves re-evaluating irrational beliefs and inducing scenarios.

In short, try to think clearly when you are under the influence of anger.

And if it still doesn’t help at first, try to use this boost of energy for something useful.

If you’re at the gym, direct your anger at the equipment for a better workout.

Also, sports is one of the best ways to deal with rage.

2. Make an appointment with a psychoanalyst

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you learn to manage anger on the spot.

Also, it will teach you how to deal with it before it even hits your veins, or in simpler terms, you will solve the problem before it even becomes a problem.

3. Breathe deeply

Breathing exercises are one of the best methods for dealing with aggression.

Deep breaths slow your heart rate, which in turn keeps your mind focused on something other than the source of stress.

4. Training

As we said, sport is one of the best vents against excess anger.

Exercise has been shown to keep your mind busy and stimulate good brain chemicals.

5. Medical intervention

If your anger is a symptom of a larger problem, such as depression, talk to your doctor.

He will tell you best what medications to take and what courses to attend!

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