8 things that can kill a man’s desire

You’re naked, he’s naked, you’re both horny

Sex, everyone has their own opinion on the matter. One does not like one thing, another – another, but the truth is that we all love him, despite minor setbacks.

Anyway, let’s talk about these minor hiccups…

A study on female behavior claims the following:

This year, women are much less disgusted by the various types of odors that men emit.

Research and for men, it says that there is no change and everything is the same as before.

However, there are things that science has proven, different processes that have their effects!

1. Sex after training

Scientists have proven that the smell of sweat is the natural way for people to orient themselves in the environment.

On a subconscious level, we pick up on these smells and understand whether a partner is right for us or not.

Some men say that the smell a woman emits after a workout turns them on more than her voice during act.

Others say that even if a woman maintains good hygiene, for them this is unacceptable, even disgusting.

2. Your breath can empty a room

Yes, your partner tends to forgive you if you ate garlic a while ago, but that’s not the problem.

Men are very sensitive about female smells and say they would run out of bed if they smelled one.

If a woman suffers from chronic bad breath, it would be a sexual barrier, men share in a study.

3. Confidence in bed

It’s good to trust each other, even in bed.

When you are together, it is nice to leave the initiative to the man, but that is not all.

You always have to show him that you know what’s going on, you’re capable of reacting, and just because he’s the active one doesn’t mean you can’t make him squeal with pleasure like a toddler.

4. You’re on your cycle, but you’re not giving it a clear signal

Although in our regions it is not common for a woman to have intercourse during her cycle, it is not the case everywhere.

About 60% of women in the world do not stop at the fact that they are in their menstrual cycle.

The problem is that some men understand too late. Just tell him delicately, “It’s that time of the month right now, we can wait or you can continue if you want.”

Not many daredevils will go on, so don’t worry, you’ve played the part admirably.

5. Are you talking dirty to him?

80% of people admit that dirty talk turns them on. 12% even say that for them it is part of the act itself.

But be careful before you start something like that. Your partner may not feel comfortable opening up.

Start from a distance, with the things you both like, to set him up.

6. There’s something strange down there

Be careful before you let it go down between your legs.

Make sure everything is just right, because some smells can be disastrous, not only for your act, but for your relationship!

7. Keep your privacy

According to research, many women urinate with the door open after sex.

Men don’t find this arousing, trust me.

Too much openness can make you a bad joke.

Better keep your personal space until you are convinced that this is the person you will be with for many years to come.

8. Be careful with the kisses

Some women kiss their partners right after sliding down on them.

For men this is not a concern, but only for some.

Some males will be grossed out if you kiss them after you’ve been down.

However, various secrets are released there, some of which can be truly disgusting!

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