7 Signs You Have an Inferiority Complex

Inferiority complex is a condition in which the sufferer permanently believes that he is incommensurable with other people and that they are better than him. The person affected is a person with low self-esteem. The thought behind the inferiority complex can generally be expressed as “I’m not good enough”.

At some point in their lives, at least 95% of people experience similar feelings, but for the person suffering from an inferiority complex, comparing oneself to others and putting one’s own personality second is a permanent condition.

The root of it all: I’m not good enough!

Most of us at some point or in certain situations feel insecure, believing that we don’t have the necessary qualities for something. In this line of thought, a certain amount of insecurity can be described as widespread in society or “normal”.

Noticing the weak spot, we could work on it to feel more confident and strong. Change starts from within, and it means to stop being afraid that we will lose something, because if this fear is constant, we will never get anything and we will never win anything. p>

It is normal to have situations where we have no practice or are not sufficiently prepared academically, but this is not an inferiority complex. We speak of a complex when it is controlled in our minds that we are not good enough.

Driven or rather stopped by our fears, we can take an action or a line of behavior that completely prevents us from living our lives well and happily.

In practice, the instinct to compare is actually part of natural selection and is the flip side of the survival instinct. In fact, the ego desperately needs you to be the best at everything, and when you get hung up on something, it gives you a painful slap in the face.

Actually, it’s not always a bad thing to experience a certain level of uncertainty. It can make you do your work more precisely, better, with more care. However, if it prevents you from doing something in general, then this is already a problem.

Signs of an inferiority complex

1. Excessive sensitivity to other people’s opinions

Are you very sensitive to what others say and think about you? When someone makes a critical comment about you, does it make you feel small and insignificant? Does this make you feel insecure? With all this, the bell starts ringing in your head that you are not good enough. You obviously take other people’s opinions too personally.

2. Social Isolation

You prefer to withdraw from the crowd because when you are in a crowd they may start to compare you to others and come to the conclusion that (in your opinion) you are something less than the rest and will realize how insignificant you are. You hate all forms of comparison.

3. Finding fault

Since you already feel bad about yourself anyway, you probably also have a pretty keen eye for the faults of others. A real detector.

You find very quickly who failed, how and with what. The subconscious goal is to make others feel bad, too. Since you can’t find any way to make yourself feel more important, it’s easier to make others feel bad and make yourself feel “bad.” bigger” next to them.

4. You put your needs last

Suffering from an inferiority complex, you have a subconscious desire to put your own needs last. You even forget about yourself sometimes. This can, over time, cause you to build up anger.

5. Strong need for compliments

Compliments fill you with joy and pride, make you feel very good. In fact, having an inferiority complex, you need flattery, and if you don’t get it, you start to feel bad.

You try to please everyone and thus hope to hear confirmation of how valuable you are. When you are praised, you feel over the moon and your self-esteem is temporarily boosted.< /p>

6. An intense fear of public appearances

Another face of the inferiority complex expresses itself in the fear of performance, speaking in front of people, even competitions of the type of candidate student exam.

7. Procrastination

You lack motivation to get many things done because you don’t believe in your ability to cope. Nothing can move you and get you off the couch. p>

In your own imagination, you cannot do anything because you believe that no matter how hard you try, you will not succeed. And because you don’t put in any effort, in the end it happens.

It’s all a matter of perception

Inferiority complex stems mainly from your perception and is more of your illusion than reality. You make inferences based on your evaluation of past experience. Very often this assessment is too hasty. It is not based on significant experience, which makes it false and easy to influence.

When you have an inferiority complex, low self-esteem really bothers you. You are very likely to engage in compensatory behavior patterns so you can mentally make up the difference. An inferiority complex can lead people to depression, isolation and even suicide.

Fortunately, it is possible to overcome such a complex. It is enough to experience greater freedom, happiness and peace. Over time, you begin to recognize the belief behind your emotional disturbances and passive behavior. You will gradually let go of the thought that you are not good enough, but this will happen as you get to know yourself better. si.

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