Bed bug bites

Despite the ‘charming’ sound they make when feeding on wood, bedbugs are annoying little pests.

They can crawl into the bed, furniture and even the carpet and while you are sleeping or watching TV they can bite you. And the next morning you notice the sudden appearance of itchy red spots on your skin.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small, flat, oval insects. They are wingless and rely on humans to move from one place to another. The worms are reddish-brown in color and their size can vary from 1 to 7 mm. They feed on the blood of humans and animals and are most active at night, sucking the blood of their victims while they sleep.

What do the bites look like?

In some people, the skin does not react to the bite. And those who have bite symptoms will most likely consist of one or more of the following:

Appearance of redness which is in the form of small pimples very slightly raised from the surrounding skin with a dark red center.
• Bites are usually observed in a straight line or on groups of several red dots.
Appearance of blisters or urticaria at the site of the bite;

Bugs can bite a person anywhere on the body, but most often affect areas of the skin that are exposed during sleep such as the face, arms, legs and palms.

What are the symptoms?

Red spots on the skin due to insect bites do not always appear immediately after the bite itself. Sometimes it can take a few days for any symptoms to start appearing.

It should also be noted that bed bugs do not come out to feed every night, it is possible that the insects do not come out to feed for several days. Therefore, it may take weeks for a person to notice that there is a bed bug infestation in their house.

Such type of bites often cause very severe itching. A person may feel burning skin for several days after the bite. But it is possible to not feel the moment when the bugs bite, because they release a small amount of anesthetic from their body before they attack.

If you aggressively and frequently scratch the areas where you have been bitten by insects, you may cause a secondary infection that will cause the skin to swell and bleed.

What other bites are bed bug bites similar to?

If you do not know that your bed has a bed bug infestation or that you have slept in a bed that has been infested with bed bugs, then you may not even suspect that they are the possible cause of your mysterious rash.

If your skin reacts, it swells slightly, becomes red around the site of the bed bug bite and starts to itch, and the center of the red spot is very sensitive. But initially the bites resemble mosquito or flea bites in the early stages.

However, bed bug bites most often appear in a straight line or in small groups. While mosquito bites are more sporadic and flea rashes around the affected area are small and most often on the legs or ankles.

Bedbug Bite Treatment

Bedbugs are more annoying than dangerous or deadly. The symptoms of the bite usually go away on their own after about one to two weeks.

You can use an anti-itch cream to prevent the urge to scratch. You can also use histamines to reduce itching and burning. If you notice signs of a bacterial infection, immediately start applying an antiseptic cream or lotion to the affected areas.

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