Chocolate diets

Is it really possible to lose weight while eating chocolate or is it too good to be true? If the title of Dr. Will Clover’s book Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight isn’t catchy enough to grab your attention, perhaps its promise will. He says: “If you eat a little chocolate 20 minutes before and 5 minutes after lunch and dinner, your appetite will decrease by about 50%.”

If it sounds too amazing and good to be true, then listen some more. It turns out that sweet temptation can prevent sharp fluctuations in blood sugar. The University of Laquilla, Italy shows that people who consume one piece of dark chocolate for 15 days were able to reduce the likelihood of insulin resistance by as much as 50%.

While research shows that flavonoids play a leading role in fighting insulin resistance, weight loss specialist Dr. Gue Decotis points out that dark chocolate helps with weight loss thanks to the body’s healthy fats. which slow down the process of absorption of sugars by the body. This prevents sudden spikes in blood sugar, which would lead to the accumulation of fat in the cells.

With sharp jumps of insulin in the blood, mechanisms are activated that do not allow the body to burn fat, and for this reason, soon after eating, inhuman hunger and lack of energy appear again. Over time, this can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. It is dark chocolate that can prevent all this.

In addition, Swiss scientists have proven that dark chocolate reduces the harmful effects of stress on the body, and scientists from the University of Copenhagen believe that consuming small amounts of dark chocolate will reduce cravings for fatty, sweet and salty foods.

However, it is important to know that for the chocolate diet to have an effect, we should only focus on dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa. It has a tart taste, which will help you eat less and not overdo it. Milk chocolate is much higher in calories and contains milk, which is also a type of sugar.

And finally, we should mention a few words about the quantities. It is important to know that for the chocolate diet to be successful, you must consume no more than one bar of chocolate each time, which amounts to about 4 bars per day (one before and after dinner and one before and after lunch) .

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