What NOT to do after gaining weight?

Have you gained a few kilos? This happens, often. And it’s fine as long as you’re not overweight.

But sometimes everything seems to fall on us out of nowhere and we are simply not prepared to react adequately.

Keep reading to find out what NOT to do when you’ve put on a few pounds.

1. Don’t skip meals

Skiping meals won’t help you lose weight in the long run.

Studies show that eating every few hours stabilizes blood sugar and prevents you from making bad decisions at your next meal (bad foods that you give in to as a result of hunger).

2. Don’t Punish Yourself Physically

Staring in the mirror accompanied by dark thoughts like “I’m a fat pig” won’t help you or make you feel better.

Research shows that people who feel sorry for themselves often actually eat more because they are depressed.

Accept the fact that you have put on a few kilos as a positive because you are simply in such a period for example and concentrate on the good sides of what you perceive as a problem.

3. Don’t spend tons of money on new clothes

Losing and gaining weight takes time and generally qualifies as slow processes.

When you want to fit into your new 2 sizes tighter jeans, you put in the effort and the results come in about a month, right?

It’s the same with bidding. Don’t panic, because it’s completely normal to gain a lot of weight from time to time and then gain it back.

That is why it is foolish to rush into such decisions.

4. Don’t get on the scale in 2 hours

The key to losing weight is to enjoy it and not exhaust and abuse your body.

If you pull yourself up several times a day, then you are clearly torturing your body and forcing yourself to lose weight.

5. Do not overdo the physical exercises

Start slowly and smoothly and most importantly – let everything be in proportion to your preparation, strength and endurance< /strong>.

If you rush too much your whole workout could go to hell, strain a muscle or create an injury.

Also, overexertion is not suitable for individuals who do not exercise every day, and may lead to overeating due to loss of energy.

6. … But don’t stop exercising

Even if it goes slowly and the results look miserable, don’t give up, the secret to a healthy body lies in persistence.

Furthermore, some women, for example, worry that lifting weights may make them disproportionately thin or look like men.

In reality, this is very unlikely to happen because the difference between physiological processes in men and women is huge.

Actually, lifting weights for women is very good for health because muscle mass is different from fat mass, and muscle mass actually breaks down fat.

7. Don’t ignore hunger cues

Only when you start listening to your body’s advice and what it tells you, whether you are hungry or tired and need food or < strong>sleep, only then you will be able to achieve balanced weight, nutrition, sleep, etc.

Eat when you are slightly hungry and stop when you are slightly full, as we know too much good is not too good, and we should aim to avoid extremes.

8. Don’t dwell on what you can’t eat

Why waste your time and nerves to poison your psyche about the fact that it wouldn’t be good for your weight to eat that chocolate when you can replace it with a banana for example or some other superfood?

This way you will be much happier, satisfied and you will not constantly hide forbidden foods because you can simply find their healthy alternative, like with chocolate and banana for example.

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