Prunes help with weight loss

Scientists have discovered another product that will help you lose weight.

Researchers from the University of Liverpool believe that prunes should be included in the menu of people who want to lose weight because they suppress appetite and promote weight loss weight.

Prunes are a miracle fruit for losing weight after the New Year holidays. The use of dried fruits during a weight loss diet is not recommended by many nutritionists, despite the fact that they allow you to maintain a feeling of satiety.

To find out how this is possible, scientists from Liverpool conducted an experiment in which 100 overweight and obese people took part and were put on a strict low-fibre diet.

Scientists wanted to know whether the inclusion of prunes in the daily food intake of these people would contribute to weight loss or, conversely, prevent it, as well as whether the consumption of prunes is associated with appetite suppression.

To investigate the effect of prunes on body weight and hunger, the participants in the experiment were divided into two groups.

People in the first group ate plums every day (140 grams for men and 171 grams for men) during the diet period, members of the second replaced them with another nutritious snack. The scientists found that the participants in the first group lost an average of 2 kilograms and reduced their circumferences by 2.5 centimeters, and the participants in the second group lost 1.5 kg and reduced their circumferences by 1.7 cm.

It was also found that those who had dried prunes in their diet lost weight intensively during the last four weeks of the experiment. In addition, it turned out that prunes preserved the feeling of satiety in the participants of the experiment.

“These are the first data to show that including plums in the diet of overweight people contributes to weight loss and does not cause any side effects. Also, this dried fruit can help you lose weight thanks to its ability to reduce appetite,” says Dr. Jared Harold, a psychologist in Liverpool.

Jason Halford, professor of experimental psychology at the university, adds: “We know that maintaining a healthy diet is difficult. Dried fruit can be a great addition to your diet as well as helping for appetite control.”

Do not be afraid that dried fruits harm your figure – it is safe to include prunes in your daily diet and thus lose weight with pleasure, scientists say.

Prunes also have other health benefits. They are a proven cure for high fever. Singers and actors take them because they are good for their throats.

Sucking prunes has been shown to relieve persistent coughs accompanied by phlegm. They tone and support the recovery of the body after physical and mental fatigue.

It is little known that dried prunes also help to treat calluses. They should be boiled with fresh milk without the stones and placed warm on the callus. Then they soften and are easily cleaned with a pumice stone.

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