Eat right to live to a ripe old age

Forget crash diets – says nutritionist to the stars Zoe Bingley Pullin. What you really need is a well-thought-out and healthy long-term plan.

“The human body loves consistency. It needs regular but small portions of food, otherwise it goes into starvation mode,” she explains.

When you drastically reduce your calorie intake, your metabolism slows down significantly to compensate for the loss, and when you start eating normally, even if you don’t overeat, the body can no longer burn those calories and start accumulating fat.”

“Diets are a waste of time, not to mention how stressful they are on your body,” says Zoe Bingley Pullin. She strongly advises to forget about measures and kilograms and to concentrate on how we feel.

“What’s important to me as a nutritionist – she says – is that I feel good and that my body provides me with stable energy levels throughout the day. It’s also important for meto feel light in my stomach, to have good digestion, to deal with stress easily and to have a good night’s sleep. And it all depends on the food we eat.”

“Generally speaking, we should forget about processed, refined and artificial foods. It is good to focus on healthy natural products as well as seasonal foods. They are very important for human health.

It is important to take at least two portions of fresh fruits and at least five portions of vegetables every day. Poultry meat and lean meat are very important,” says the famous nutritionist.

She adds that we all need a lot of fresh herbs and spices as well as a lot of water. This – she says – is the basis of a healthy diet that we all need.

“Listen to your body” – says Bingley Pullin. “It knows very well what it needs and when.” “It is very important to keep a food diary, because this way you will know exactly when and what you ate and you will learn to recognize exactly when you are really hungry and when you want to eat out of boredom, for example”. p>

“I believe in frequent healthy snacking, but it’s not uncommon for many people to eat simply because they’re bored, and also when they’ve just had a bad day.”

She advises to avoid the harmful habit of eating artificial and high-calorie foods in the afternoon at work and recommends instead to carry nuts, fruits, yogurt, dried fruits and other treats that are also healthy .

“Drink water often. It is best to always have a jug of fresh water handy. Drink herbal teas regularly. Don’t forget to eat a little soup often. Drink a cup of good coffee a day but let it be for pleasure, not because you can’t live without it. Coffee doesn’t have to be the first thing you drink of the day.”

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