Get rid of excess fat with the new Scandinavian diet

After Mediterranean diets from Italy, Greece, Spain and Cyprus conquered the whole world from California to Australia, today the so-called Scandinavian diet is in vogue. According to experts, it is extremely easy to comply with and does not require special efforts.

Diets that teach us to eat only a certain type of food are actually doomed from the start. Why? Well, because a person quickly gets bored of monotonous eating and begins to lose interest in the specific type of food. For example, the cabbage diet – at first it’s tasty, even a lot, but soon you don’t even want to hear about cabbage.

However, the Norwegian diet is not like that. It, like the Mediterranean diet, is very varied and therefore easy to follow. It concentrates on a varied diet with products of mostly natural origin.

The Scandinavian diet is distinguished by the fact that food is divided into 15 groups – fruits and vegetables (especially blueberries, cabbage, pulses and root vegetables), potatoes, fresh herbs, mushrooms, nuts, whole grains foods (e.g. oats), wild animal meat, fish, shellfish, seaweed and others. If you pay attention, you will notice another advantage of the Scandinavian diet – the foods are predominantly of organic origin.

The main guidelines are as follows: take more calories from plants and less from meat; to maximize the consumption of sea, river and lake food (fish and the like); food from the wild should always be preferred to food from farms (game meat, for example, has been shown to be much richer in nutrients than what comes from a farm);

In 26 weeks (about half a year), people on the Scandinavian diet lost an average of 3-4 kilograms of fat more than people on other diets, and all without fasting. without restricting themselves from anything and without intensive training, and the loss of fat tissue was mainly from the hips and abdomen.

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