Seven day calorie burn regimen

A good idea for intensive calorie burning is to mix different types of exercise. Check out and try this seven day program and you will see that you will not regret it.

Monday – do 35 minutes of punching bag exercises. This is an exercise that burns 355 calories in one hour.

You can also join a class or do the exercise with other friends who have your goals. However, be careful not to injure yourself. The goal is to burn calories, not fight. The more intense the workout, the better the results.

Tuesday – after the intense training on Monday, on Tuesday you need something lighter, but also effective. Do stretching exercises with yoga. 80 – 90 minutes of yoga is fine.

Exercise burns about 148 calories in one hour. If you do the exercise in the morning, it will give you a toning start to the day. Try a more unconventional yoga pose, but be careful not to injure yourself.

Wednesday – 25 minute workout with home gymnastics. Sit-ups, push-ups, and the like. You can choose something from the Internet.

These exercises burn about 473 calories in one hour. It’s important to tire yourself out nicely. Do rounds of 15 sit-ups or push-ups with another 15-second break.

Thursday – You change pace again. This time it’s Pilates’ turn. You can burn about 207 calories.

Whether you work out with a group or at home on the floor, Pilates is a very effective workout. During the exercise, keep your abs tight and your back straight unless the exercise requires otherwise.

Friday. Riding a bicycle or bicycle ergometer. It burns 414 calories in one hour, that is, 30 minutes is quite enough. Ride until you are tired and sweat well. That way the training will have done its job very well.

Saturday – a day for dancing. Yes exactly. A good workout will do you great. Dancing burns about 284 calories in one hour. Dancing is an extremely pleasant activity, and in terms of effectiveness, it does not differ from any other training.

Sunday – tennis day. Working out on the tennis court can cost you an average of 355 calories. Tennis is a very effective way to lose weight. Also if you go with friends and play in pairs it can be an extremely fun experience.

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