Healthy eating as you age

Remember the old saying – you are what you eat!

Make it your motto.

When choosing different fruits and vegetables, whole grains or animal proteins, be careful – they will still make you healthy inside and out and make you feel really good!

Do you want to live longer and be in better health?

Nourish your body so it can serve you well when you are no longer in your prime.


Eating vitamin-rich food boosts immunity and fights diseases that come from the accumulation of toxins.

Proper nutrition reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart attack, cancer and anemia.

Also, sensible eating means less calorie consumption and more of the so-called dense foods that, although low in calories, will fill you up for hours to come.

By taking this type of food, be sure that you will maintain a healthy body and your weight will always be under control!

Sharpen your mind!

Essential nutrients substances are extremely important for the brain to do its job properly si.

People who eat a variety of fruits, leafy vegetables, fish and nuts that are full of omega-3 fatty acids can improve their health and successfully protect against various diseases!

Proper consumption of antioxidant-rich substances, such as green tea for example, drastically reduces the risk of Alzheimer and dementia.

Also, these foods will keep your memory as sharp as possible as you age, and they’ll also help your mental performance.

Because after all, an adult does not mean a crazy, paranoid and useless individual who is a constant burden to others!

Let your body feel good!

Healthy food leads to many results, some of them extremely beneficial for health and others simply indispensable when it comes to that we should always be cheerful, energetic and in a good mood.

Eating right will improve your vision and also your mood, helping you create more positive emotions!

When your body feels good, you are also happy and prone to a better and calmer life.

Choosing healthy foods

Choosing the right foods for you is just as important as eating healthy!

Fruit – focus on whole fruits instead of juices. Whole fruits will bring you fiber, vitamins and will deprive you of excess amounts of harmful fats, carbohydrates, colors and preservatives.

Aim for at least 1 serving of fruit per day. Good choices are citrus fruits, apple, banana and kiwi.

Vegetables – you will recognize them by their color! Aim for dark leafy greens like kale, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach or chard.

Salad for dinner is one of the best ways to optimize your diet by forcing vegetables into it!

Calcium – maintaining healthy bones as we age depends on adequate calcium intake.

If you supply your body with enough of the precious substance, you will protect yourself from fractures, injuries, osteoporosis and any bone diseases .

Adults need about 1200mg of calcium per day. A great way to get them is by eating tofu, broccoli, almonds, milk, cheese or cabbage!

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