How to avoid unnecessary shopping

The holidays are approaching and they are already very close.

This means most people are in “full battle mode” and ready to buy.

Full online baskets, full car trunks, full bags, and in fact, it’s complete nonsense.

All of these things are very likely to be used exactly once, then tossed and forgotten once the new year arrives.

This is a growing trend, which of course has a scientific explanation.

People live under massive stress and everyone grasps at straws like a drowning man for anything that takes away his attention, just to rest a little. p>

Of course, wrongly wasting excess money on things that will not be used is not the right decision. We are all aware of this fact, yet many of us fall into the trap of consumerism, especially during the holidays.

If you reduce your purchases as much as possible in December and turn this month into the weakest month in terms of purchases, you might even overcome stress.

Yes, I know how crazy this sounds, but this way you might as well beat the tension instead of lying there passed out in the middle of your new unnecessary purchases.

Here are some tricks you can use to suppress your imagination and keep your feet on the ground.

1. Stop buying gifts just because you want to buy something

Don’t buy gifts out of obligation. If you really want to show your loved ones that you care, do something meaningful. Love is not expressed in material benefits.

Of course, this does not mean that your girlfriend will not see a gift from you for the next 4 years, but you can try to cook dinner or just spend more time with your loved ones.

2. Make sure to discard the unnecessary

Let’s play the game called minimalism. Start making a list every day of the things you don’t use and won’t serve you in the future.

This way you will avoid buying more of these during the holiday shopping season. You’ll also free up a lot of space in your apartment, and also in your brain.

And to top it off, collect the unnecessary things from the list and go donate them to someone who really needs them.

You will make a gift to the poor person that he will appreciate, you will get rid of the unnecessary, and you will meet the holidays in a good mood, satisfied.

3. Simplify the gift-giving process

Don’t buy your child a new toy if he already has 10 of them. The shirt you liked for your husband is also pointless, you gave him a similar one last month.

So after short cuts, little by little every day, the summer you’ll go on vacation for 2 weeks instead of one, send your kid to college, or save enough for that dream car. At the same time, without deprivation and misery.

4. Lower your expectations

Cutting down the holiday list also leads to disappointments. Know that there are always 2 sides to a coin and that’s why you probably won’t get the most expensive, nice, beautiful, unique and luxurious gift you can think of.

Prepare for this in advance so that there are no sad faces under the tree.

5. Think about everything you buy

Think about everything you buy, whether it’s for you or your loved ones. Does it make sense?

If the answer is no, better leave this product, wait and think about something that would be really worth it.

The only thing that would be worth it is to make the person you give it to really happy or to give yourself happiness.

Otherwise, your gesture remains just an elementary example of material love.

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