What time of year is best for giving birth?

Some couples, when planning a child, attach great importance to the season and month of the year in which the child should be born.

Some are guided by the possible zodiac sign of the unborn baby, and some women want to give their husbands a birthday present.

There are also mothers who choose a certain time of the year for practical reasons – for example, summer is much more suitable for walking with the baby than winter.

Are there grounds for such arguments? Should you be guided by the time of year when you plan to have a child.

The very idea of ​​birth, and that means conception, at a certain time of the year often turns out to be difficult to realize. If, for example, you want to give birth in May, for example, then the conception should be in August.

But children, even unborn ones, love to “correct” plans. And despite all your efforts, conception may not happen at the planned time. Humans cannot control this process. Even if conception takes place, it is not a guarantee that the child will be born on time, rather than sooner or later.

However, what pros and cons can be found in each of the seasons. There is no universal answer to this question. Everyone has their favorite season and many people want their child to be born in that season.

Winter – pluses

Winter in our country lasts 3 months according to the calendar, but sometimes the cold weather lasts for a month longer. And if the date of birth is not planned, then in all probability the baby will give birth in late autumn or winter.

+ the 45-day maternity leave will be during the cold season

In the last days before giving birth, most women do not feel very well. Many of them wish to rest as they feel tired. And walking in the cold is not particularly pleasant, nor is it safe.

+ In the summer, the baby will be older and the family will be able to afford a vacation

+ On the child’s birthday, his friends will be by his side

Because in winter all children are with their parents and not with their grandparents.

Winter – cons

– It is difficult for a woman in labor to recover due to the lack of enough suitable food to get the lost vitamins and minerals

– Too cold weather for walks

If the winter is too cold, walks with the baby cannot start immediately, and the mother also has a hard time recovering if she does not go out into the fresh air.

Spring – pluses

The favorite season of most people from our latitudes. And for many – this is an excellent time to give birth, but is it so?

+ The recovery of the mother is easier and takes less time due to more frequent sun exposure;

+ Nature is awakening;

For many mothers who gave birth in the spring, the first weeks and months with the baby stroller become the best memory of their life.

Spring – cons

– Seasonal allergies

It is known that children’s livers “ripen up” up to the 7th month of their life and if this period passes without allergic reactions, the prognosis is favorable.

– The baby is too young to go on holiday at sea

Summer – pluses

+ The baby will not develop rickets

+ There are enough foods on the market and the mother has somewhere to get vitamins and minerals

+ It is possible for the father to go on leave

Summer – cons

– Too warm weather at the end of pregnancy

– It is likely that in the first days of the baby’s life it will be too hot and it can easily overheat and cut itself

Autumn – pluses

+ Opportunity to rest in the fresh air before giving birth, as motherhood begins 45 days before birth

+ a variety of nutritious foods

Autumn – cons

The disadvantage of giving birth in autumn is that when it happens and the sun is already weak and the day is short and the mother and the baby do not have the opportunity to walk, then it becomes difficult to recover the birth mother.

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