Cascade fasting – features and contraindications

Cascade fasting not only gets rid of extra pounds, but also helps to cure various diseases.

By observing the “cascade fasting” regime, it is possible to completely cleanse our body, get rid of extra pounds and even cure some diseases.

If it is properly observed, inflammatory processes are gradually self-limiting, neoplasms, parasites and harmful microorganisms are destroyed, cholesterol levels are lowered and excess fluids are removed from the body.

However, this method also has zealous opponents who claim that any fasting, including cascade, can only harm the body. If you still decide to follow this weight loss system, consult a doctor beforehand.

Principles of cascade fasting

Cascade fasting for weight loss and body recovery is done by alternating days in which you completely refuse food and water and any liquids and even from contact of the skin with water, with days in which eating and drinking are permitted.

Before a person starts fasting, he must prepare. For this purpose, 3 weeks before switching to this regime, it is necessary to stop harmful habits such as meat consumption, use of sugar, salt.

2 weeks before it is recommended to switch to plant food only, and with each passing day the volume of the portion should be reduced.

Also during this period one should refrain from eating after 7 o’clock in the evening. This is necessary to enable the body to adapt to the restrictions.

There are several schemes of cascade fasting

• Simplified – in it, after 1 day of fasting, 2 days of eating are allowed, then it is necessary to stop eating for 2 days, after which food is allowed for 3 days, followed by 3 days of fasting, and this principle is followed until 5 days of complete fasting are reached.

• Standard – 1 day fasting, 1 day eating, then 2 days fasting and 2 two meals. According to this scheme, it should again reach 5 days of complete fasting.

• Free – in this fasting mode, a person is allowed to choose independently what scheme to choose according to his own capabilities. The main thing is to choose a regime, observing the above principles and to get to 5 days of complete starvation again.

On the days when food consumption is permissible, lactic acid products and vegetable food are allowed – fruits, vegetables, nuts, all types of cereals, bran and dried fruits.

Cascading Fasting Tips

When one adheres to this diet, one must strictly observe the sequence of days, otherwise all one’s efforts will be in vain. It is not necessary to take any other additional measures or to take preparations in parallel with the observance of the regime, as it is possible to harm the body.

During this period, a person should strive to provide his body with the maximum amount of oxygen. For this, he should properly ventilate the premises in which he lives, and also try to be more often in the fresh air.

Also during the cascade fasting it is recommended to reduce physical exertion and to provide the body with a full rest.


Cascade fasting is absolutely inadmissible to be applied by people with:

  • Various forms of hepatitis and renal failure;
  • Cirrhosis and chronic liver failure;
  • Endocrine disorders;
  • All forms of tuberculosis;
  • Chronic cardiac arrhythmias;
  • Stomach ulcer;
  • Thrombosis and thrombophlebitis;
  • Diabetes;
  • Poor blood clotting;
  • Underweight;
  • Nursing and pregnant women should also not starve.

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