How to cure a headache with acupressure

Reflexology, also called point therapy, is a successful alternative treatment method by stimulating different points on the body.

It has been known since ancient times that each organ and part of the body corresponds to points located on the hands and feet.

When massaging these centers affects the problem areas directly and brings relief.

The method helps with headache, migraine, back pain, arthritic pain, sports injuries.

It is used to relieve stress, in digestive disorders and generally to balance the body.

A preventive five-minute massage every 45 minutes of office work is also recommended.

Here are some simple tips how to relieve headaches with reflexology.

Sit down, close your eyes, and move your hands over the key areas in smooth, gentle, circular motions. Two minutes after that, let go and think positively.

One of the most popular headache massage methods is on the point that is located in the soft part between the thumb and forefinger of the palm. Press the area with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand and massage gently for a few minutes.

You can combine this therapy with another type of point massage, which is applied to 4 areas of the head. One point is located in the middle of the eye socket, near the hairline.

It is good to press it gently with the pad of the index finger, moving it left and right. The second headache massage point is on the highest part of each eyebrow.

Massage is also in both directions. The third symmetrical point is in the center of the occipital fossa, and the fourth is midway between the two eyebrows. It is massaged with the index finger clockwise, and then counter-clockwise.

There are also points on the body which, when properly massaged, help relieve headaches, sinus pain, runny nose, insomnia, tinnitus, nervous tension.

One point is at the base of the nose, between the two eyes, where the eyebrows begin. With your thumbs, press lightly on both sides for 30 times.

With rotating movements, massage the points that are located just below the eye sockets. Repeat the movements again 30 times.

With slightly curled index fingers, massage the eyebrows from end to end, then move to the points on the lower part of the eye.

With both index fingers, index and middle fingers, or their knuckles, press the points on either side of the nose.

The movement is repeated up and down or in a circle in both directions 30 times. Another anti-headache massage focuses on points along the upper edge of the temple.

Press them with your thumbs and massage to the tip of the ear. At the back of the head on both sides at the base of the spine there are also active points that should be massaged with thumbs in both directions for 30 times.

Headache pain is also relieved with a simple massage of the earlobe for 1 minute. Then the ears are clamped with the palms and the back of the head is lightly tapped with the tips of the fingers.

The exercise is repeated for a minute and a half.

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