How to protect your child from a cold

A runny nose is one of the first signs of a cold – that annoying inflammation that everyone complains about once the temperatures drop a few degrees.

You often blow your nose every 5 minutes, and the secretions that have formed in it seem to be in unlimited quantities and reappear after a while.

Adding that if the treatment measures are not taken correctly, a cold can torment us for 2 weeks, this definitely ranks as one of the most annoying diseases!

To protect your child from a runny nose, you need to buy nose drops or if you are a fan of alternative treatment methods, have him snort a few drops of salt water .

This will definitely help by breaking up any mucus buildup in the nose. Salt water is a proven method that makes runny noses just disappear!

The other proven method is hot chicken soup. It is tasty, healthy, and it also treats a runny nose. Prepare 2-3 servings of this healing food for your child and within a day or two the runny nose should be gone.

However, if you are worried about complications or something is simply in doubt, it is best to consult your personal doctor.

Another definitely annoying problem is the cough. It is an invariable companion of every cold and is really not much, but nevertheless, you should be careful with it and take the right measures in time so that there are no complications later.

Often the cough comes from a change in the weather, because when the temperature drops or rises sharply, the air changes its composition and something like moisture forms in the lungs. p>

In such a case, the cough is not so much a disease as a protective reaction of the body.
To cure your child of a cough it is best to first try natural remedies before necessarily resorting to medications.

A spoonful of honey and a hot shower are proven methods to solve this kind of problem.

A hot shower will flush all kinds of germs, toxins and plaque from your child’s lungs, and a spoonful of naturally pure honey will boost immunity your child, will provide them with the amino acids they need to deal with the problem and give them energy.

The sneeze ranks third in our ranking. It is definitely unpleasant when it is more often than 2-3 times a day, and with complications, it can even become painful.

Before resorting to treatment, make sure that your child is not simply allergic to a certain type of dust, as this is a common problem among children.

Sneezing is a sign that your child is sick or has a cold in his lungs.
If he is breathing too fast or has serious changes in his voice >, call your doctor immediately, because these are definitely not complications, but a sign of something bigger and more dangerous.

Although in last place on our ranking, sore throats are definitely not an insignificant problem that should be ignored.

One of the causes of a sore throat is a type of mucus that builds up in the area around your child’s nasopharynx.

Another very common cause is a cold or flu. For treatment, we recommend the old grandmother’s methods, namely a hot shower, warm tea with honey and rest.

Of course, if this does not help, it is a good idea to seek professional help. Rarely, some of the problems listed above have complications, but be careful, no one is immune to the flu and a cold!

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