How to save yourself from depression during the holidays

Holidays and vacations are definitely fun, but they can also be stressful and exhausting. Here are some steps to help you deal with stress and anxiety andmaintain positive emotions.

Get out for a morning workout

For a mood boost, get out early in the morning and do some exercise. Morning light has been shown to counteract seasonal affective mood, ie. protects against early stages of depression and “low mood,” according to researchers at Oregon Health and Science University. People who practice this method feel much better than those who do not take advantage of scientific discoveries, reports a recent study.

Other studies show that these morning exercises increase the strength of not only your body, but also your attitude, making you subconsciously adopt the “fight or flight” thought. In other words, you start tofeel more confident and make more complex decisions with ease, instead of standing in front of the computer all day wondering which one side to lie down.

Protect your own time

You sure love free time and all the parties and gatherings during the holidays. But it is best to know how to protect yourself from the negative emotions that often surround us during this period of time. Amit Sood, author of “The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living,” advises being careful with who and how you interact during this time.

If someone calls you to see you in a few days, and it’s like the 5th of the month, and you don’t want to follow up or see someone for a few weeks, just respond positively like, “I’d really like to see you, but it can’t be done this month because … but how about in a few weeks, then my schedule will be freer?” This way, the person will not be put in an awkward situation and you will both end the conversation satisfied.

Make someone happy

Doing good deeds can take your personal happiness very high. To get the maximum of positive emotions, set specific goals to which you will be directed and help everyone in your own way. Helping the poor tramp or the woman who collects cans with a wheelbarrow will give you more satisfaction than pursuing goals like “This year I will donate more money to the orphanage”.

It’s not that orphanages don’t need help, it’s just that the small successes you achieve along the way lead to bigger ones, and best of all, by helping other people, you’re helping yourself too, because you feel better.


Recent research proves that peppermint really is a ubiquitous product when it comes to mood lifting, especially during vacations, holidays, etc. This study shows that people who smell peppermint in their free time actually dramatically reduce stress and anxiety.

So just grab a box of nice peppermints or some peppermint latte on your way to the mall and get ready to have a really relaxing vacation.

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