How to take care of the skin of the hands?

One of the first places to age is your hands. The years mercilessly deprive them of beauty and finesse. A woman’s hand should be soft, gentle with smooth and fine skin and pleasant to the touch.

The skin of the hands has very few sebaceous glands, and there are none at all on the wrists. The hydrolytic layer is weakly expressed and for this they must be moistened regularly. Water also deals damage, as does cold in winter.

Housewives regularly forget to protect their hands from harsh household chemicals, simply putting on gloves. Excessive soaking under water also has an adverse effect. The result is some rough and worn hands.

Regular use of cream is a rule that we cannot do without. Do we want soft and velvety skin, we need care! Always apply cream after washing your hands. Excessive washing dries out the skin and you need to hydrate it extra.

If you are at an older age after 40, attention increases even more. When you get home, your first job should be on your hands.

After washing them with lukewarm water (hot and cold cause cracking) smell them well and oil them liberally.

Hand creams with citrus extracts have a beneficial effect. They preserve the natural beauty of the skin by removing pigmentation and taking care of cracks on it.

Bet on natural ingredients and essential oils. They hydrate and moisturize your skin. Aloe vera, jujube oil, shea butter, avocado, olive oil, sweet almond oil and many others.

Hands are noticed by everyone. Their condition, whether they are well maintained or not, speaks volumes about you as a person. Treat with care, not carelessness. Massage gives them positive results.

Evening before going to bed is the right time to pamper your hands. Massage them with a moisturizing cream. You will eliminate fatigue and tension. This will stimulate blood circulation and cell regeneration.

There is one simple rule for a good hand massage. A short massage uses more force, a longer one requires a gentler touch. The first type is aimed at toning, while the second is suitable for overtiredness. It has a calming effect.

The selection of hand creams is extremely rich. The Faberlic company has created specially for you products with natural ingredients and according to the season. They delicately take care of your hands, leaving them silky soft and smooth.

Don’t forget that if you want beautiful hands you have to be careful with the soap you use, the frequency of hand washing, the household products and of course wear gloves, they are a shield for your hands.


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