Pork is the meat from a domestic pig. This is one of the tastiest and easiest types of meat to prepare.

Pork is quickly roasted without adding oil or butter, as its fat melts quickly, and the meat from the parts of the pig carcass in which no fat accumulates is considered the leanest meat.

For roasting and frying, the meat from the breast, leg and ribs of the pig is defined as the highest grade.

The sweet taste of pork goes particularly well with fruits, walnuts, honey and prunes.

Pork can be boiled, baked, fried and stewed.

The boiled meat can be used to prepare borscht, cabbage soup, pickle (a popular soup in Russia, Ukraine and to some extent in Bulgaria/), schnitzels, stews, kebabs, steaks, cutlets, jellies and various Bulgarian national dishes; and mixed with beef, this type of meat is used to prepare pelmeni.

In the food industry, pork is used for the production of various meat products – bacon, ham, sausages, fillets and sausages.

Pork – useful properties

For medicinal and preventive purposes, pork is used with surface fat removed, which is distinguished by high nutritional value according to the following criteria:

• High protein content – about 22%;

• High caloric content – about 1700 kilocalories per kilogram;

• A small amount of fat – about 9%;

It should be noted that bacon – pork fatty tissue is not inferior to dairy in its digestibility, thus surpassing beef and lamb.

In its composition, 100 grams contains 23 mg of vitamin E, which exhibits strong antioxidant properties, 50 mg of oleic acid and 6 mg of linoleic acid – the most important unsaturated fatty acids.

If you compare pork and beef in terms of fatty tissue content, it is much less in domestic pig meat, and it is very evenly distributed over the carcass of the animal.

Because of this, this type of meat is much easier to prepare and there is such a wide variety of dishes.

Thanks to the high fat content, pork warms the body very well, it is especially suitable for the cold winter months, and restores its strength.

It also contains a lot of magnesium and zinc, which have an extremely beneficial effect on sexual potency and the cardiovascular system.

In addition, pork is a source of the valuable amino acid lysine, which is necessary for normal bone formation.

It is advisable to give children dishes from pork liver.

This is due to the fact that it has a high content of vitamins /values ​​are per 100 grams/:

• Vitamin A – 12 mg;
• Choline /vitamin B4/ – 552 mg;

One portion of pork liver is able to provide a person with a monthly supply of vitamin B12, and bacon, beloved by many Bulgarians, contains selenium and arachidonic acid, which turn it into a means of combating depression and a kind of factory for the synthesis of important hormones .

For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, pork is recommended for gastritis with increased acidity.

The high content of vitamin B12 determines the usefulness of lean pork in anemia, and the presence of vitamin D makes it extremely suitable for young children.

In case of pernicious anemia, pig’s stomach is an effective remedy.

Pig liver and kidneys contain the important vitamin biotin, which is essential for carbohydrate metabolism, as it interacts with the pancreatic hormone – insulin.

Biotin is also important for the proper implementation of the excretory function of the kidneys.

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