What are the most common causes of depression?

Depression is much more than feeling sad. It is a mood disorder that can harm your daily life.

According to medical experts, there are six types of depression: major depression, atypical depression, dysthymia, postpartum depression, premenstrual dysphoria and seasonal affective disorders.

Depression, also known as bipolar disorder, is also called “manic depression”.

When depression is treated, the life of the individual suffering from the mood-affecting disease can be put on hold for weeks, months or even years.

Major depressive disorder can even lead to thoughts directed against the individual or in other words – thoughts of suicide.

Today, we from the team, will present to you some of the most common symptoms, reasons and circumstances why a person may suffers from depression.

If you find yourself experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, it is best to go and consult your personal doctor immediately.

  1. Feeling sad

People who are depressed most often describe themselves as “sad”. They may feel overwhelming sadness and an inability to be happy. This feeling can permeate absolutely every part of an individual’s daily actions.

There are many reasons for this – some people are more susceptible to negative emotions, but the most common reasons are that the individual feels undervalued, suffers from an inferiority complex, has severe psychological trauma from childhood, was brought up in racism or simply has a harder time coping with difficult situations.

I’m sure you’ve met such people, but what did you do and how did you act?

The weaker should always be helped to overcome their problems and should never be oppressed, crushed and mocked for being different.

Think about it – you are also funny in someone’s eyes, even though you think you are successful, right? So just don’t do to others what you don’t want to happen to you.

  1. Downfall

Depressed people can easily become frustrated with the simplest things in their daily life such as , that their shopping bag broke, that something broke and all kinds of trifles.

These people have a very labile psyche and can experience absolutely everything very hard, and as a result they will be disappointed in themselves, their loved ones and relatives.

Then appears the so-called collapse, when the individual is stuck in a “black hole” and cannot get out.

He begins to concentrate only on the bad things that surround him and remains like a horse with hoods to the surrounding world.

In such a case, immediate medical therapy is needed, a lot of understanding, calmness, tolerance and patience on the part of the people close to him.

  1. Frustration

People who suffer from some kind of depression are also very prone to permanent frustration. p>

Whether the thing they can’t live with is something big or a very small detail in the overall picture, they experience the whole situation extremely hard.

This can be based on previous disappointments or traumas that these people remember at certain times and become even more frustrated as a result.

Overcoming this problem requires a lot of work with the frustrated person, a lot of patience on the part of his relatives and friends, and constant reinforcement that he is not different, not bad or incapable and that he is quite normal and there is no point in getting involved in nonsense.

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