What are the most harmful eating habits

Discussions about harmful eating habits are always relevant, and we at are once again putting the topic on the agenda.

Do you know what are themost harmful eating habits that we have developed?


Refusal to eat during the day leads to a lack of nutrients and therefore energy, without which our day will surely pass sluggishly , we won’t get anything useful done 90% of the time and wonder how to get rid of all our side tasks.

Be sure that an apple accompanied by a pack of cigarettes and six coffees will not fill you up during the day and you are very likely to be hungry at night and gobble up gigantic amounts of food.

Hunger often goes hand in hand with the risk of depression and obesity. If you consume more than 25% of your daily calories at night more than three times a week, then you are more than twice as vulnerable to these diseases.


When you don’t eat regularly or choose the worst times of the day to eat, then your blood sugar levels plummet.

The lower your blood sugar level, the slower your brain works.

And when it does, your brain will refuse to eat fruits and vegetables, and will only want rolls, pasties, cakes, sweets and chocolates, because of their high glucose content.

As a result, you will develop extremely unhealthy eating habits that, in addition to making you fat, will also increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, depression, and more.

Measure 3x, Cut 1x!

Having a strict diet and plan to stick to is one of the most important factors when aiming to get and stay healthy weight.

In a state of hunger, you should try to think clearly, because when the brain signals that the body is in a caloric deficit, the first thing you look at is some high-calorie food >.

In order not to go with the excuse – “I’m at work all day and there are no cooked meals to eat, only toasters”, just bring a box with a delicious home-cooked meal from home.

No one will laugh or make fun of you, and we all know that when it comes to eating, everyone could take 5 minutes of their time to eat.

Protein – the most important part of a healthy diet!

Most people simply do not take proteins or as everyone calls them – proteins.

They are a key factor in achieving a healthy figure and a healthy body, because proteins form muscle fibers, give strength, energy and melt fat.

In addition, they are full of amino acids, which in turn are a necessary companion of good health.

When wondering what protein to consume just remember that the breast of any animal is one of its most muscular and least saturated with fat.

Chicken and turkey breast are great choices, maybe pork, but cook it so the fat is gone.

along with meat, a good source of protein each day is 50 grams of almonds or cashews, raw of course, or a few egg whites.

Exercises and cravings for sweets

Once you have already built your diet, you also need to build habits and manners of your body by exercising it every day.

A sedentary lifestyle is not unpleasant, but remember that man was created to walk 40 kilometers every day in search of food and to fight saber-toothed tigers.

Of course, an hour or two in the gym would be enough to maintain a good-looking and balanced body.

But what you can’t escape is the sweet tooth. Everyone needs quick carbs sometimes.

Just remember that junk food is best in the hours between your breakfast and lunch, and if you can, you can sometimes replace chocolate and cookies with bananas – their healthy, natural alternative! p>

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