What is monophobia – the fear of being alone?

Monophobia, or fear of being alone, is a term that covers different concepts.

For some it is a fear of separation from a certain person. Others hr is afraid of living alone or being alone in public.

A third are afraid to stay home alone. However, the full flowering of this phobia is relatively rare.

The fear of breaking up with someone

Most people can identify one or more people who act as their support system.

Humans are social creatures, and we feel most comfortable when we can share our successes and challenges with someone we trust.

Spouses often feel uncomfortable when their partner is on a business trip or away from home.

Teenagers may panic when their best friend is away from them. In most cases, these feelings are fleeting and brief, and a phone conversation or communication on the Internet is enough to calm the suffering.

For some people, however, this is not the case and they panic as soon as a person leaves the house. They fear and become restless when their loved one goes to work, meets with friends or engages in their hobby.

In extreme cases, some people are afraid even when the loved one is in another room of the house.

This fear is common in young children. It is generally considered a normal part of development and is not diagnosed unless the condition is unusually severe or lasts longer than six months.

Fear of being alone in public

Fear of being alone in publiccan be linked to conditions such as social phobia or agoraphobia .

If you don’t feel comfortable in the presence of strangers, friends or family members can have a calming effect.

Many people with this fear feel awkward and uncomfortable as they feel they are the center of attention when dining out or shopping alone.

Fear of being home alone

Fear of being home alone is related to the fact that an emergency may occur. Burglary, home repairs, and injury are the most frequently mentioned fears.

They may be stronger in people who cannot trust their own judgment, or who may not respond adequately when an emergency situation arises.

Some people are afraid to be alone with their thoughts. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, you can try to distract yourself with something else to keep you busy.

If you feel that you need to talk to someone to deal with your thoughts, you may have a problem. Feeling that you are truly “alone” can indicate a personality disorder. Seek professional advice if you’re not sure what you’re feeling.

Of course, in some situations, fear can be reasonable. Phobias are never diagnosed when the fear is reasonable and proportionate to the situation.

If you suffer from certain illnesses or live in a dangerous neighborhood, your concern may be perfectly reasonable. Many people in these situations have to find ways to minimize the risk, such as getting a dog or a panic button.

Fear of living alone

Fear of living alone is often a result of this being alone at home. Some people don’t mind being home alone for an afternoon or even a few days, but don’t accept the idea of ​​living alone for extended periods of time.

Like the fear of being home alone, this one is rooted in a lack of self-confidence. You may worry that you won’t be able to take care of the house, respond to emergencies, or even take care of your own basic needs.

Coping with the fear of being alone

No matter what type your monophobia is, there are a few basic strategies to deal with it. Many people find that background noise helps.

At home, turn on the TV or radio. Download movies or music videos. If you are in public, listen to an MP3 player.

Read a book, surf the Internet, watch a movie. Using a smartphone, tablet or laptop distracts you when you travel on public transport.

Many people find that relaxation exercises reduce anxiety and may even prevent a panic attack.

Purposeful breathing, meditation and aromatherapy are relatively easy methods to apply and can be used anywhere.

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