What makes people the most angry?

According to a study conducted by the organization Charities Aid Foundation, 2,000 volunteers took part and were asked to identify the most outrageous habits of others.

Sociological research confirms that most of us resent healthy people using disabled parking spaces. Besides, above all, most of us are annoyed by rude behavior in transport.

The surveyed volunteers indicated that people who refuse to give way to pregnant women and elderly people cause negative emotions. Behavior in transport took second place in the ranking of actions that provoke the strongest irritation in most people.

According to the research participants, improper use of family-type parking spaces, that is, those in front of family homes and in front of blocks of flats, is also an extremely negative act. Volunteers get annoyed at people who don’t have children and still use the family parking spaces.

And people who often use public transport get annoyed that some passengers take the liberty of putting their travel bags on the seat next to them and leave them there until another person specifically tells them to asked to move them.

The research also showed that many people feel irritated at this point when they try to buy the goods, without paying attention to the queue that has formed. Indifference to mothers who have to carry their prams up the stairs is also included in the list of negative actions.

Most of the participants in the survey of sociologists answered that they are also annoyed by people who turn up the music in their headphones so much that everyone around is forced to listen to their favorite music.

Some of the volunteers think that their irritation is justified if there is a person around them who deliberately presses the special button to close the automatic doors of the elevator. In Bulgaria, this applies more to shopping malls , large shopping centers and hotels, since in most higher residential buildings where there are elevators, they have manual doors that do not have such buttons.

However, people get angry about completely different things, with the results of the poll largely depending on the profession and lifestyle of the volunteers. For example, students get very angry when their roommate takes food from the fridge that doesn’t belong to them without asking.

From the responses of the survey participants, it also found that a large number also get annoyed when they are in the store. It turns out that long conversations on the mobile phone at the checkout in the supermarket most people as too rude and bewildering behavior.

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