Lactic foods, and especially the popular in our country yogurt, protect people from many diseases, and for this very reason they have been known since time immemorial

As early as 470 BC, Herodotus mentions a delicious and refreshing drink – koumiss, which the Asians made from the milk of mares – female horses.

It should be noted that the popularity of lactic acid drinks in Eastern countries is not accidental at all. Yogurt lasts longer, and this is especially important for nomadic tribes.

Cow yogurt is extremely popular in Bulgaria, which is an extremely valuable source of probiotic bacteria.

In addition, white brine cheese, produced for the first time in our country, is gaining more and more popularity around the world.

In Bulgaria, other lactic acid foods and drinks such as cottage cheese, condensed milk, cottage cheese, cream and ayran are also traditionally present in the commercial network.

Despite the wide variety of lactic acid drinks, the technology of their production is almost identical.

Whole milk, lactic acid bacteria and a little heat are needed for their faster reproduction. As a result, a different product is obtained, which by its properties differs from whole milk.

Beneficial properties of the yogurt drink

The results of numerous scientific studies have definitively confirmed the benefits to human health of the use of lactic acid drinks.

Even if yogurt is compared with full-fat fresh milk, it will be found that the former has several advantages.

Lactic acid bacteria are especially useful for children, since lacto- and bifidobacteria, which acidify milk in the process of their vital activity, break down the proteins contained in milk.

In this way, milk proteins are broken down into smaller components, which significantly increases its digestibility in the child’s body.

Only an hour after consuming the lactic acid drink, the human body is able to absorb up to 90% of all useful substances, while whole milk is absorbed only up to 32%.

The child’s organism is provided with complete easily digestible proteins and other useful food components with the regular consumption of lactic acid drinks.

Also, lactic acid foods are much better tolerated by people who are lactose intolerant due to the lack of the lactase enzyme.

In fermented milk, lactose is broken down to a large extent by bacteria, in addition, the nutrients contained in lactic acid drinks improve the function of the digestive glands, which significantly facilitates their assimilation /of lactic acid drinks/ by the body.

Regular consumption of lactic acid drinks /yogurt, sourdough, etc./ normalizes the condition of the intestinal microflora.

This is due to the fact that lactic acid bacteria form numerous compounds, including some bactericidal ones (mainly lactic acid), which suppress the spread of pathogenic microflora in the intestines. In view of the undeveloped children’s immune system, the use of yogurt is really necessary.

It has been established that after several weeks of regular use of lactic acid foods, the development of putrefactive processes in the intestines is suppressed, which significantly improves the function of the entire digestive system, as well as the liver and kidneys. Lactic acid products are especially useful for constipation, dysbacteriosis, toxic poisoning and colitis.

In addition to protecting against infections, lactic acid foods also normalize the motility of the entire digestive tract. More specifically, the fatty acids contained in them improve peristalsis and also prevent gas accumulation.

The calcium in lactic acid foods is neither more nor less than that contained in the whole milk from which they are made. But it has already been proven that calcium from yogurt is much more easily absorbed by the intestinal mucosa compared to whole milk.

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