Colombian food for a good figure

Many people say that during their visit to countries such as Great Britain, the USA or Canada, they put on a kilogram or two.

The reason for this is in the way of eating and in the fact that one unconsciously begins to eat as the people do in the place one is in. However, few people know that almost everyone who visits Colombia returns after a few weeks usually by a few kilos less.

What are the secrets of Colombian cuisine for healthy eating?

1. The amount and frequency of meals – let’s start with the portions. Whether in a restaurant or at home, the average Colombian portion is significantly smaller than what people eat in Europe or the US.

On the other hand, people in Colombia spend more time eating normally and their daily life is less hectic. For this reason, more people can afford to eat often and less.

2. Fruits are revered in Colombia. As a tropical country, they are in great abundance here and offer a huge variety. They are constantly on the table, and people eat fresh fruit several times a day. Mangoes, papayas, bananas, citrus fruits, coconuts and whatever your heart desires. The fruits do not fill you up, and the vitamins in them are in huge quantities.

3. Main dishes – In most provinces of Colombia, potatoes and legumes are the basis of the local cuisine. A light bulb should go off here, because this is one of the key points in losing weight. Legumes are an excellent source of protein, and potatoes are among the best sources of carbohydrates. both foods are dietary and will help you lose weight as long as you eat them often enough.

4. Fish – in Colombia, especially in the coastal areas of the country, fish is something that is present on the table at least once or twice a week. Compared to Bulgaria, this is much, much, much more common!

5. The soup– they are held in high esteem in Colombia. Chicken soup is most popular, especially in big cities like Bogotá. Usually, in many homes, this dish is served on the table 3, and sometimes 4 times a week.

6. Coffee – Colombia is one of the countries with the best coffee in the world. And the locals like to drink it at any time of the day. In fact, it’s no secret that coffee speeds up the metabolism, and the result of drinking it is as if you ate less food during the day.

7. Movement– Colombians still move much more than people in North America and Europe. Overall, physical activity in the Latin American country is similar to that of Mediterranean countries such as Greece. The good weather throughout the year is definitely one of the factors that make people spend more time under the open sky.

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