Chinese diet

The traditional Chinese diet consists of low to moderate amounts of animal protein and a wide variety of plant-based foods. This is one of the strongest points of delicious Chinese cuisine.

The cuisine of this Asian country is more than a means of sustenance. It is a way to keep our body slim and beautiful, as well as to adapt to changes in the environment during the different seasons.

The amazing combination of spices and flavors makes Chinese cuisine so healthy.

Chinese cuisine consists of various types of vegetables that are lightly fried or steamed in combination with rice, noodles or dumplings.

Meat and fish are often present cut into relatively small pieces, but in a much smaller amount compared to Western cuisine.

And while in Western cuisine spices are present only from the point of view of good aroma, in China ginger and garlic are mainly used and their purpose is to improve and speed up digestion.

Chinese cuisine is based on the 5 elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element corresponds to a given taste – sour, bitter, sweet, hot, salty.

An important point in Chinese medicine is to balance the elements in the food we eat to be healthy and in harmony. For example, if you suffer from diarrhea acidic foods like lemon and vinegar will help.

Sweet foods such as honey and some fruits improve mood.

A long-term study conducted by leading Western universities shows that the consumption of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and very little animal food reflects on a good figure, good heart condition and low obesity rates.

The cooking technique is also very important. Although some foods are fried, the heat treatment is very minimal.

One of the most impressive theories in Chinese cuisine is the claim that everything we eat does something to our body. It is even considered that foods can be divided into warming and cooling, which is quite understandable.

In any case, the main products in Chinese cuisine are rice, carrots, cabbage, pepper, root vegetables, garlic and all of them are extremely aromatic, tasty and dietary.

If you choose the right Chinese foods you can achieve stunning results and be delighted with yourself!

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