French diet

So far with low-carbohydrate, low-fat, low-calorie and other similar diets. If you are tired of all this, the French diet is for you.

It is very rich in flavors and aromas, but also very filling. This is how the French way of eating can keep you lean and in good shape.

Portion control. In one sentence the French diet can be described like this – eat small portions of high quality foods.

In other European countries and in the United States, portions seem simply monstrously large compared to those in the French capital, Paris.

A container of yogurt in Paris, for example, can be ⅘ smaller than those in the US, for example, and that’s as much as 80%. The situation is similar with other foods.

Think quality, not quantity. According to the French, the quality of the food is the most important. In this regard, they are quite demanding and choose carefully what they consume.

Taste, aroma, nutritional value – all this is carefully monitored. It’s a matter of eating culture. In other European countries and overseas, the biggest focus is on portion size.

The French diet consists of three meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even during the lunch break, the French take enough time to eat.

The average duration of a meal during working hours in France is about 22 minutes, while in other European countries and in the USA it is about 14 minutes, that is about 1/3 less.

The time allocated for eating is very important because when we eat faster we always eat more. Eating slowly is a reason to eat exactly as much as we need.

To eat more slowly, the French eat tastier meals. Delicious food itself slows down the eating process so that one can enjoy the food for a longer time. p>

Breakfast is small. Most often it consists of bread, cereal or yogurt with some fruit. Lunch and dinner consist of meat and vegetables, as well as a piece of full-fat cheese.

It is usually finished with a small cup of coffee. The most important foods in French cuisine are meat (most often chicken), fish, cheese, fruit, vegetables, yogurt, garlic, wine and dark chocolate. Remember – always in small portions!

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