Exercise can change our entire life

There is no doubt that if we stop overeating and cut back on calories on a daily basis we will achieve some results and shed a few pounds.

But if we want our body to be not only leaner, but also tighter and more athletic, diet alone is not enough. It is also necessary to do exercises.

The ideal combination is to combine muscle-tensing exercises such as weight lifting and cardio training, which melt fat by boosting metabolism. Also recommended are stretching exercises, which will make the body more flexible and in good shape. All this is very important if we want to have a beautiful and harmonious body.

All these physical exercises together will do wonders. For example, when we do cardio training, we speed up the metabolism. This in turn increases the release of endorphins, and they give us a very strong sense of self-control, so one learns when, how and how much to eat.

Exercising will affect you not just at the time of training. For example, if you do regular cardio, your body will continue to burn a lot of energy even after you stop exercising and even days after .

Interestingly, when a person exercises enough to lose weight, they feel much more energized and ready to exercise even more.

In addition, each kilo you lose will relieve your joints of excess load, so you will be able to exercise with greater ease.

Another benefit of the combination of cardio, strength and stretching exercises is that your stress level will drop significantly. This will give you a sense of positivity and self-control, make you more self-confident.

Interestingly, many people suffer from depression, and many depressed people don’t even realize it because they have hidden depression that manifests simply as negativity, anxiety, nervousness, overeating and other emotional and even physical symptoms.

With regular sports, however, a person begins to gradually overcome depression, getting out of its trap. This makes us feel less need for food and thus helps to lose at least a few kilos, because we will no longer eat for pleasure, but only when we are really hungry.

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