How to teach a child to brush his teeth?

Every parent is aware of how important it is to brush the teeth regularly. However, it is not easy to get your child to do it. At least because he doesn’t understand what problems he can have with the oral cavity if he doesn’t take care of it.

Dentists recommend brushing teeth as soon as the first one erupts. This is very difficult for the parent because his baby is very small and there is no way to explain him to spit out the paste.

The first teeth erupt usually between 6 and 8 months and sometimes later. For them, you can only use gauze soaked in boiled water to clean food residues.

It is best to include toothpaste and a brush when there are more than 6 teeth. The question is how to do it so that the child finds it interesting and fun.

Get into the bathroom together and start brushing your teeth. Children are interested in every action of the parent and will want to try their hand. Take advantage.

Take the toothbrush and show it to him. It is very fun with its shape and colors. All the companies have made brushes in different variations of animals or flowers to spark interest in the little ones.

Get a specially adapted toothpaste, according to your child’s age. This is indicated on the label. Keep an eye out for this. The required amount is a very small ball. Use a pea as a guide.

And now the teeth brushing begins. Children will most likely close their mouths, do not worry, but carefully brush the teeth and then the gums. It is possible for them to swallow the paste, this is quite natural at first.

They are not yet clear on what exactly to do.

The good thing about children’s toothpastes is that they are age-appropriate and the fluoride content is very little, so it won’t harm them.

Your mischievous brush should be changed regularly. It has a small head to reach everywhere in the mouth. Choose it for sensitive gums.

After you finish, be sure to praise him or reward him with a toy. Never use force! For your child, this should be like a fun game to form a habit. Otherwise, you’ll give it up quickly and be in big trouble from here on out.

You will brush your child’s teeth until they are 7 years old. During this time you have to teach him how to do it right. Watch carefully for this. After that age or thereabouts, the child starts alone.

However, your care is not over. You must monitor whether the mischievous child regularly brushes his teeth at least until he is 12 years old.

Go to the dentist regularly, so if there is a problem, you will solve it before any complications arise. You can choose a toothpaste and a brush with the Faberlic brand and thus start this “game” with the child si.

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