If you want to lose weight without dieting, cut back on bread, rice and spaghetti

In small quantities in the morning and at lunch, bread, rice and spaghetti will satisfy your hunger for carbohydrates, but if you eat them in larger quantities and especially in the evening, you risk gaining a serious amount of extra pounds.< /p>

If you eat a whole healthy and balanced diet just cutting back on bread and bakery products can be a pretty serious factor in fat loss.

And one more thing – reducing pasta will help you reduce the feeling of hunger, because in parallel with their limitation, the insulin sensitivity of the body also increases.

Cut out pasta to cut calories

A bowl of cooked rice contains 242 calories, a bowl of spaghetti contains 221 calories, and a single slice of bread contains a whopping 74 calories!

And here it is needless to mention that we Bulgarians rarely sit down at the table with a slice of bread. In fact, many people eat a whole loaf of bread during the day, and that is thousands of calories!< /p>

If you like to eat various pockets, donuts and sandwiches try to do an experiment – try to replace the bread with a few large leaves of green salad, and put everything inside that you normally put.

If you eat every other slice of bread or rice in the evening, you could skip them and eat everything else you normally eat. If you think it’s not enough, add more salad.

Thus, just by slightly adjusting the dinner you will reduce your caloric intake by about 400 calories per day.

Remember that cutting back on carbohydrates, especially in the evening, produces the same results as cutting fat, namely sustainable weight loss and less subcutaneous fat.

Don’t compensate with junk food!

An important rule when cutting carbs is not to compensate with crackers and other junk foods, or as they are known in the West – junk food.

If you attack these calorie-packed, fatty and salty “foods” the result will be even more pounds. For example, instead of everyone’s favorite Italian pasta salad, you can prepare a fish salad tuna or boiled potatoes.

Choose the right source of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are not that dangerous as long as you are careful what time of day you consume them and from what source.

So, for example, the best way to get the carbs you need for the day is with a bowl of whole-wheat oatmeal in the morning, because the main job of carbs is to give you energy.

Unlike bread, they will keep you full for at least 4 hours and, in addition, they will provide you with a bunch of useful substances (vitamin B, fiber, iron). At lunch you can eat a nice boiled potato salad, and in the evening just skip the carbohydrates – you don’t need them before bed.

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