Plan your weight loss by setting short-term goals

When you go somewhere you have to know where you are going because otherwise you will never get there. It’s the same with losing weight. And in order to set a goal, you need to make sure that you are in the right direction.

If you have a lot of weight to lose or if you have never set such goals it is good to make a 3 month plan or 12 week plan. This will give you a reasonable period in which to change the way be alive for good and see the differences.

To make it easier, we will say that there are two types of goals. The first is to lose weight and the second is to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat.


To set a weight loss goal you simply need to see how tall you are, then see how much you weigh and calculate a healthy weight for you.

Expect to lose approximately half a kilo to a kilo per week. Well, in the first few weeks, especially if you have more excess weight, the weight loss may be a little more, but with time this will improve and the pace will decrease.

Keep in mind that if you are losing weight faster, you are most likely losing muscle as well, which is highly undesirable because it will make your body looser.

Fat Percentage

Measuring a person’s body fat percentage is much more difficult than their weight, but it will give you a much more realistic idea. A good achievement is to lose 6% body fat in approximately 12 weeks (3 months).

Check your results and achievements once a week

At best, you will see a very slight but permanent change in fat and weight loss. However, if you see weight gain, see where you are going wrong and make changes quickly.

To accurately measure changes, find a scale that shows up to 100 gram differences. This will help you detect differences of the 100, 200 or 300 gram variety, which at first glance are small, but can soon lead to significant changes. Always take it in the morning after getting up, but before eating and preferably in underwear.

How do we measure body fat in the comfort of our own home?

There are many ways and tests to measure body fat, but in the comfort of your own home the options are a little more limited. It is important to choose one method and stick with it because even if it is not completely accurate over time it will show you the differences.

– Using a calculator – the first option. You can find such calculators in many places on the Internet. Just type in your height, weight and measurements and the results will be displayed.

– Use a caliper – it’s a small device that looks like a clip. Its main purpose is to calculate how much fat you have without making it difficult.

– Scale – the easiest, but the most inaccurate, because even a glass of water can disturb the exact measurement.

And let’s summarize:

For your planned weight loss to be successful you need to set realistic goals. Don’t aim too high or too low. Find a way to reward yourself with every achievement.

Monitor for changes and if necessary readjust your mode. After three months, monitor what has been achieved and set a goal for the next three months.

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