SS cream – the new fashion

Probably all women are familiar with the already established product BB cream, but what do you know about CC cream?

After the furor caused by BB creams in 2011, it is time for a new generation of products on our market. The cosmetic industry cannot stop its development and quite naturally presented us with a cream with evolved qualities.

CC creams have been on the market since 2013 and are gradually gaining many fans. Their demand has increased many times among users of the cosmetic industry. But what actually lies behind their abbreviation?

The name comes from the abbreviation of Color Control – color control, Complexion Corrector – complexion corrector or Color Correction – color correction.

They are an upgraded version of the popular BB creams. We are already familiar with the application of the BB cream. It hydrates, nourishes, protects from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It canreplace foundation and make your skin soft and smooth. Gives a finish according to the client’s wishes – matte or shiny.

CC cream has all the qualities of its predecessor, which we have listed. What’s new with it is the evening out of the complexion by means of color and the greater coverage of imperfections on the face.

Unlike the BB cream, it has a wider range of colors. As you know with the first ones we only had one or two colors and a large group of women could not take advantage of it. Now all of you are free to touch these wonderful products.

CC cream regulates the water balance for up to 24 hours. Its composition includes more substances that nourish your skin. With its help, you can deal more easily with various spots on the face, regardless of what they are due to.

Dark circles from lack of sleep or just the natural aging process.

Without using heavy textures, it evens out the complexion and makes your skin look smooth and soft. Its formula is light and enriched with various antioxidants. It is very well accepted by all skin types and absorbs instantly.

More nutrients and micro particles are added. Manufacturers rely on natural ingredients and mineral pigments. They diffuse the light to achieve the effect of a clean face without visible defects.

CC cream combines two very important components. On the one hand, dermatologists’ desire for healthier skin and on the other, women’s desire for perfect facial skin.

This makes it an extremely sought-after cosmetic product. For a large part of its users, it is a means of achieving quick desired effects in daily facial care.

If you are wondering which brand to bet on in your choice of CC cream, we offer you the Faberlic product, so that you can be convinced of the stated benefits of its use.

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