What is BB cream?

What is BB cream?

BB cream has gained a lot of popularity recently in our market. More and more cosmetic companies focused on advertising to push this product. In fact, what is its action and is it really so useful we will reveal in this article.

Although it is new to Bulgaria, BB cream was created as early as 1960. Its homeland is Germany, and its discoverer is dermatologist Dr. Kristen Schramek. It was originally used to erase scars from laser surgery and to soothe the sensitive skin of patients after such an intervention.

A quarter of a century later, this product is literally making a splash, but among women in South Korea. The application of BB cream is not related to a medical purpose, but to a cosmetic one. The attitude of ladies in eastern countries towards clean, healthy and smooth facial skin is proverbial.

Originally, famous actresses used it to maintain their perfect porcelain faces. This created a prerequisite for the instant spread of BB cream in the Asian market and subsequently worldwide.

Despite its original purpose in the field of medicine, nowadays this product has become a must-have beauty maintenance tool for every woman.

It can be said that it is magical. It combines multiple functions of different products. Its light formula nourishes and soothes the skin.

On the other hand, it hydrates and has a UV filter. It can be used as a make-up base or directly replace foundation when covering lighter blemishes.

BB cream was so popular and liked that it inevitably developed in certain directions. At the moment we can talk about different types according to the skin and the problem it solves.

When choosing this product, we must answer ourselves several questions:

• What type does our skin correspond to?
• Do we have problems with pimples on our face?
• The effect of BB cream on our skin to be matte or not?
• Is it necessary to fight aging and wrinkle marks?

Newly created BB creams are suitable for fighting acne. There are those with a whitening effect, and others with a strong rejuvenating effect. The cosmetic company Faberlic also entered the market with this product with enviable characteristics.

It is important to know that BB cream is removed like any other cream. With suitable lotion and make-up pad. Although it is designed with a very light formula, if it builds up on the face it can clog your pores and prevent the skin from breathing freely.

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