What are the benefits of face serum?

Cosmetic companies offer a wide variety of beauty products. Masks, gels, lotions and creams. Here we will focus on the benefits of using a serum.

This product is extremely useful for the daily care that a woman takes to preserve her beauty for a longer time.

Face serums have a great power to solve various problems, due to their rapid action. They are, so to speak, the emergency aid in cosmetics.

In their composition there are more active ingredients in a concentrated form, therefore they are instantly perceived and start working on the skin. This, of course, also reflects on their price, which is much higher than an ordinary cream, for example.

There is a certain age after which the use of serum is recommended. She is usually around 30 years old. This is when the first signs of aging are considered to appear.

The skin relaxes and loses elasticity. The first wrinkles have also formed, which are the result of facial expressions.
There are different types of serums, according to the problem they solve. Some provide anti-aging action.

They lift and tighten the skin. Others are meant to relieve redness on sensitive skin. They are also designed to fight acne. There are serums for enlarged pores and anti-pigmentation.

The benefits of the face serum are mainly in its active ingredients. It is important to use it only when there is a visible need for it, because the substances are more concentrated and aggressive to the skin.

Its formula is very light and absorbs quickly. He immediately begins to cope with the task set for him.

In most cases, face serums do not contain moisturizing additives. Its task is not to regulate the water balance, but to deliver various bioactive ingredients and nutrients to the cells.

Various plant substances, antioxidants, glycerin and others are usually included. This is how they achieve the effect of protecting the face from the effects of our environment.

The molecules of the serum are smaller and for this reason, it is applied before the face cream. Otherwise, it will have no effect. Before it, clean the face well to provide it with access to the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Consult a dermatologist when choosing a serum to meet your expectations as much as possible. It is important to consider the type of skin and its condition. Note that the serum is not designed to replace the face cream.

On the contrary, it must be used as a supplement to it, because in most cases the serum cannot provide the necessary hydration to your skin.

It is recommended that the serum and cream be of the same brand because their ingredients are designed to complement each other. When choosing a cosmetic company, we advise you to trust Faberlic and you will have amazing results.

Do not overuse the face serum. The best periods are spring and autumn. Then stop. Your face needs to rest.

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